‘Golden Bachelor’ Fans Swoon Over Emotional Gerry Turner

Gerry Turner via Insta

Fans got a good look at the first-ever, Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner. A new promo was shown for Gerry’s upcoming season on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special. Plus, as an added bonus the man of the hour was there himself. He got a standing ovation as he walked to sit with Jesse Palmer. What did fans see and what did Gerry say? Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner has everyone swooning

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner has Bachelor Nation swooning. He’s wholesome, he’s genuine and he’s ready to find love again. Fans have waited years for this spin-off to come to life. Now, it’s happening and producers couldn’t have chosen a better lead.

Fans on social media are already gushing over Gerry and his season isn’t even done filming. Many are saying producers better leave him alone and protect Gerry at all costs.

The men who dated Charity Lawson applauded Gerry and told him they had no advice for him and that they look to him for advice. They all agreed they aspire to be like them not the other way around. These compliments came after Gerry told the men he wanted to be like them and asked them for advice.

Gerry Turner has everyone wrapped around his finger and so many are excited to see this spin-off. It’s gotten fans excited about the franchise again. Fans had signs made for him one calling him “grandzaddy.”

Gerry Turner via Instagram

Fans love how emotional he gets talking about his late wife

GerryTurner had grown men with tears in their eyes including Brayden Bowers when he spoke of his late wife, Toni. They were high school sweethearts and had 43 loving years together before she suddenly grew ill.

Gerry talked about what happened to Toni. He said, “As years went on, I retired and we had a plan. We had an idea of what our dream house was going to be, so when Toni retired the end of May in 2017, we bought that dream house.” 

They closed on their dream home in June. However, there wasn’t much time to enjoy it as Toni fell ill rather quickly.

He continued explaining saying, “We went to the emergency room and she had a bacterial infection that infected her kidneys and infested her liver. And so I took my wife to the emergency room on July 7 and she passed away on July 15. Now every time I look at [the lake outside my house] I go, ‘This is her dream. This is what she deserves. Why am I standing here alone?’” 

Gerry isn’t looking for someone to replace Toni

Gerry does want to find love. However, he knows it will not be like what he had with Toni and he doesn’t believe it should be. He wants to find a love that will make him complete once again. Someone who will complete their family.

He’s sincere, funny and active. Gerry is pretty much the whole package. He joked to his friends that he wasn’t sure at the time if the women had been selected for his season or not but he passed the STD and drug test so he was ready to go.

The Men Tell All was filmed prior to Gerry beginning his journey as The Golden Bachelor. He is currently filming and his season will reportedly air in September.

Stay tuned for more updates on his hot grandzaddy as he looks for love.

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