‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Pregnant Again?

Myrka Cantu-Unexpected-YouTube

Is Unexpected alum Myrka Cantu pregnant again? She gave birth to her second daughter in January 2023 and now she is a married woman. Yet, is she about to become a party of five? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Myrka Cantu Pregnant Again?

When fans met Myrka Cantu, she was a pregnant teen, dating Ethan Ybarra. Her mother was not happy with her and did not want her to live at home any longer. Therefore, she moved in with Ethan’s family and they treated her like she was more than welcome with them. She ended up having a baby girl, Attalie but they faced hard times when Ethan’s parents split and the three of them were out on their own. Eventually, Myrka and Ethan split and she was left to raise their daughter. Though she reconciled with her mother, she struggled financially and mentally.

Myrka Cantu-Unexpected-Instagram
Myrka Cantu-Unexpected-Instagram

Finally, Myrka Cantu finished high school and ended up meeting her now-husband. She got pregnant and they ended up welcoming a baby girl. However, is she pregnant all over again? The Unexpected alum shared a photo on her Instagram stories where she showed what appeared to be a bump. Then, in the next snap, she wrote that it was just her leg. Of course, she could have easily fooled her followers. Sure enough, a Reddit thread was started all over her “leg bump.” The OP immediately asked if Myrka was pregnant again.

Myrka Cantu-Instagram
Myrka Cantu-Instagram

“I wouldn’t be surprised but it looks like her knee. Still she definitely posted it at that angle for attention. No doubt,” one Redditor responded. Another added that they feel as if this is becoming a neverending question. Someone asked: “Those dollar store peel and stick tiles tell me she’s living in a very cheap place. So can she afford another baby?” However, many did say that they have no doubt that she will be pregnant again sooner rather than later.

This Could Happen

Myrka Cantu did reveal that she is not on any form of birth control so a third baby is a definite possibility. Unfortunately, she does keep her girls’ faces covered so followers do not get to see how beautiful they are. She also won’t be back on Unexpected any time soon but there is a baby boom going on. Jenna Ronan, who is returning for Season 6, is expecting a boy. Tyra Boisseau, who left after Season 5, just welcomed her second child, a little boy, as well. It will be interesting to see who is next to have a baby out of the alums and current cast.

Did you see the photo and think that Myrka was pregnant again? More so, do you think she will be sometime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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