Charity Lawson Sets Internet On Fire With Best One-Liner Ever

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Bachelorette Charity Lawson is making a name for herself. She’s outspoken and says what she wants both on-screen and off-screen. One of her latest spouts of honesty has the internet on fire. Many are deeming it one of the best one-liners ever on the show. Keep reading to find out more.

Charity Lawson sets the internet on fire

The Bachelorette Charity Lawson is proving she isn’t taking anyone’s nonsense this season. She knows what she wants and that is to find love and someone to spend her life with.

Last week Charity had three remaining men who would all accompany her to Fiji for fantasy suite dates. They were Xavier, Dotun and Joey. All three were deemed good men until one of the dates. Xavier was up first with his fantasy suite date. However, they didn’t make it to the suite part.

After having a fantastic day together, their dinner portion of the date sent things south. During dinner, Xavier had an important confession to make. He told Charity that he had been unfaithful during his last serious relationship.

She asked questions and he didn’t answer the way she hoped he would. In fact, she felt like he didn’t learn much from his past infidelities.

Charity and Xavier via Insta

So she walked him out and sent him packing. He was obviously not who she is meant to be with. What happened next is what has the internet in a frenzy and fans using this line in their own lives now.

In a confessional, Charity said, “I sent Xavier home last night because Xavier is not ready for a commitment to one person. I’m not here to fix anybody, I’m not here to build a man. Like, this isn’t build-a-man workshop. I have no choice but to move forward.”

The internet was on fire and memes were everywhere over her “build a man workshop” one-liner.

She felt blindsided by Xavier Bonner

Charity Lawson admits now that she felt blindsided by Xavier’s confession on their date in Fiji. Charity told the Hollywood Reporter, “I personally felt blindsided to have that conversation come up at that point in the journey. We’re in Fiji, a week away from proposal, and to have a bombshell like that disclosed to me and trying to navigate and see how this is even possible to bounce back from, that was very hard.”

She has no regrets about sending Xavier home. She was glad to have found out what she did when she did rather than a week later after a proposal.

At this point, she knew he wasn’t who she was meant to be with.

What did you think of Charity sending Xavier home? Do you like her one-liner?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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