‘Match Me Abroad’: How Are Stanika & Noureddine Ahead Of Finale

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Match Me Abroad star Stanika Banks has gained a lot of support due to the energy she brings to the show. A lot of viewers like her positivity. Many are also rooting for her and Noureddine. But there’s only a little known about the TLC stars since their debut. Here’s what the reality TV personalities have been up to ahead of the season finale.

Match Me Abroad: Stanika Banks Has A Great Resume

Stanika quickly gained supporters in the show thanks to her joyfulness and confidence. However, the Match Me Abroad star has an even bigger reputation behind the cameras. According to the 33-year-old woman’s LinkedIn profile, she has a 10-year combined experience in innovative marketing and grassroots promotions. The Mississippi native also has a Bachelor’s Degree in drama and theater arts from the University of Southern Mississippi. She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Georgia State University. Additionally, she’s been working as a realtor at Bardmoor Realty since September 2021.

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Are Stanika & Noureddine  Still Together?

After her failed dates, Stanika finally found love when she met Noureddine. The two quickly understand one another. In the latest episode, they took things to the next level by becoming an official couple. However, Banks is worried about a long-distance relationship. But instead of worrying, the Moroccan native said he would love to see her family and home at some point, proving that distance won’t be a burden.

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The two have been silent about their relationship behind the cameras. But with the love they have shown on Match Me Abroad, some fans are positive that they will continue their journey together even without anyone watching.

Match Me Abroad: Stanika & Noureddine In Season Finale

The season finale of Match Me Abroad is just around the corner. According to the last episode’s description, Stanika and Noureddine will try to make their long-distance relationship work. Due to this, fans can expect a heartbreaking scene where they part ways. Nevertheless, many are optimistic about the couple’s future. Banks’ last social media post about her promotional clip with Noureddine also received heartwarming comments.

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  • “I love you too together. There is so much chemistry. The laughs and conversation just flows,” one fan said.
  • “I love the chemistry you two have. I hope it’s real. You are a breath of fresh air!” another commenter added.

Episode 13 airs on August 6, 2023, on TLC. If you are looking for more Match Me Abroad news, come back to TV Shows Ace for all your updates.

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