Mady Gosselin Goes Missing After Recent Abuse Exposed?

Mady Gosselin starred with the sextuplets and her twin sister, Cara on Jon and Kate Plus 8, and later on Kate Plus 8 but now she disappeared from social media. That seems unusual for the outspoken young woman who slapped at her dad, Jon in the past. Collin Gosselin and her father seem to be Mady’s least favorite people right now since they opened up about alleged abuse on VICE TV’s The Dark Side of the 2000s.

Mady Gosselin Came Out Fighting More Than Once

When Kate and Jon divorced after a very toxic relationship that played out on TLC, Mady and the other kids stayed with their mom. Jon left and started up a long fight for custody. For a long time, people didn’t hear much from Jon but once his TLC gag order ended, he started speaking Out. Quite often, he talked on television about how he doesn’t see most of his kids. His daughter Mady hates it when he does that and it certainly doesn’t seem likely to win her affections.

Jon Gosselin - Cara Gosselin - Mady Gosselin - Youtube
Jon Gosselin – Cara Gosselin – Mady Gosselin – Youtube


Mady Gosselin issued a statement after her brother, Collin Gosselin accused his mother of alleged abuse. He claimed that he was separated from his siblings at a young age and later sent away to an institution. He believes it was because he told a teacher about his treatment at home. Silenced, he spent three years without seeing his family. Eventually, his dad got him out of the institution, won custody, and raised him in his own home. After the docuseries revealed Collin, Jon, and his sister Hannah speaking out, Mady went dark on social media.

Mady Gosselin Backed Up By Her Mom, Kate

Kate totally supported her daughter against Collin and both of them claimed that he’s actually a violent person. Unfortunately, a lot of footage surfaced that showed some ugly scenes on the show, so Kate and her daughter got criticized. In fact, Kate got a lot of hate on her social media. Meanwhile, Collin went off to join the Marines and seems to be unreachable for comment.

Mady Gosselin Instagram
Mady Gosselin Instagram

Fans of Mady Gosselin noticed that she deleted her Instagram account, but later The Sun reported that she also took down “all her TikTok videos aside from several sponsored ad clips.” The TLC star never did that before and it’s a bit of a puzzle as to why this time, she just gave up on talking about everything in her life.

22 Years Old With A Life

Mady Gosselin turned 22 years old, and she got a job. Recently, she revealed that she works for Bubble Skincare, though she didn’t say what her university degree helped her do for the company. Perhaps, she just wants to focus on herself without television, without a toxic parental relationship, and without any distractions. What do you think? Shout out in the comments below.

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