Randall Emmett Throws Jax Taylor Under Bus For Deal Gone Bad

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Randall Emmett is throwing Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor under the bus for a deal gone bad. The former besties, who met through Lala Kent, always had a great time together. Unfortunately, Jax did some business with Emmett and now it is coming back to haunt both of them. Jax has spoken out about it but Randall is back in the spotlight telling his side. Read on for more details.

Randall Emmett Throws Jax Taylor Under Bus For Deal Gone Bad

Lala Kent’s cast mates constantly questioned her romance with Randall Emmett who was not really disclosed until Season 7. Yet, by the reunion, everyone loved Randall, especially the male cast. He grew really close to Jax Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright. So much so that he was asked to be a groomsman in their 2019 wedding. After Season 8, Taylor and Cartwright left the show while Emmett stayed on. Yet, Lala and Brittany still remained close as the two were pregnant alongside co-star Scheana Shay and alum, Stassi Schroeder.

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Sadly, by the Season 9 reunion, Lala revealed that she and Randall Emmett had split because he had been unfaithful. More so, he had been living a double life and owed so many people money. There even was a Hulu doc made about all of his shady dealings. Prior to this, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright appeared on WWHL during Season 10 of Pump Rules. He confessed that he and Randall were no longer friends but that the producer owed him six figures. Now, Randall is ready to clear it up but by making Jax look like the bad guy. 

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According to Page Six, Emmett is throwing Jax Taylor under the bus for allegedly “threatening” him. Taylor blew up Randall for supposedly owing him 75K for investing in a movie that never was made. In total, Jax put in 300K of his money but in this one, lost 75K. As for Randall, he claims he received threats from the father of one and shared the details on his podcast, It’s A Raquet.

Juicy Details

This is what Randall Emmett alleged happened: “He then went on and started threatening me that if I didn’t pay him the balance back — me, personally, not the company that took the money for a project — that he was gonna out me publicly and this and that.” It seems that Jax did just that. Of course, Randall did not expect Jax to come at him for any money owed because they were friends. Yet, he proceeded to share more details. He explained that he wanted to get him his 75K back as he cared for Taylor but did not understand the victim mentality.

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Emmett went on to further explain that, when Jax came to him, he did not have a job and wanted to invest with him. Randall went along with it but in his mind, an investment is not a loan and Jax should know this as he is a grown adult. There are mixed stories here and they both appear to think that they are right. Jax has said that Randall approached him but it seems no one will ever know the truth.

Do you think Randall is just trying to look like the hero who got burned? Let us know in the comments below.

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