Hazel Busby In Danger? Uncle Dale Mills Thinks So

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Uncle Dale Mills of TLC’s OutDaughtered thinks Hazel Busby is in danger as he encourages the red-headed quint to “blink twice” if she needs his help. Why exactly was the TLC quint’s uncle so convinced she was in need of saving? Keep reading for the scoop.

Hazel Busby In Danger? Uncle Dale Mills Thinks So

Crystal Mills a.k.a. Aunt KiKi posted a photo of herself and her gorgeous niece Hazel Busby posing for a selfie. The duo had huge smiles on their faces as Aunt KiKi pressed her head up against Hazel’s for the photo.

“My Buddy Too Uncle Doofus,” Aunt KiKi jested in the caption of the precious photo. Hazel’s aunt added several “sticking out tongue” emojis to her caption as she taunted her husband while snuggling up with Hazel Busby.

Check out the sweet photo she shared with her Instagram followers below:

Rushing into the comments, Uncle Dale Mills just knew his niece was in trouble. He encouraged Hazel to “blink twice” if she was in danger so he could save her from the clutches of Aunt KiKi.

Uncle Dale’s goofy comment was very on-brand for the humor he typically displayed with his nieces and OutDaughtered fans. In total, his comment was liked just shy of 150 times by OutDaughtered fans who thought it was hilarious.

In response to the comment, OutDaughtered fans flooded it with “laughing tears” emojis. One fan even exclaimed that Uncle Dale was clearly the “world’s best uncle.”

Hazel Busby Youtube
Hazel Busby Youtube

OutDaughtered Fans React To Sweet Picture

Now, Aunt KiKi Mills doesn’t have as big of a following as her husband Uncle Dale. But, that didn’t stop nearly 5,000 Busby fans from dropping a like on the sweet photo of her and Hazel. The post also accumulated a few dozen comments from adoring fans.

Many fans agreed Crystal and Hazel looked “beautiful” together. Some fans felt bad for Uncle Dale being “pushed aside.” But, they completely understood Aunt KiKi wanting to scoop her up for a precious photo and a little quality time. Here’s what a few other fans had to say about the photo:

  • “Hazel looks like auntie Crystal”
  • “Cute picture!!! Y’all are so cute!!!”
  • “Aunty Kiki vs Hazel vs Uncle Dale”
  • “Great Pic.” 
  • “Dazel or Cryazel , sorry but it has to be Dazel” 

Many fans jokingly apologized to Crystal Mills while admitting they would always be Team Dazel.

Do you enjoy Uncle Dale Mills’ playful sense of humor? Do you think Hazel Busby enjoys all of the special attention she receives from Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi? Share your thoughts on this precious photo and silly interaction in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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