Christine Brown’s Daughter, Ysabel, Flaunts Being Bra-Free

Ysabel Brown - Sister Wives - Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown‘s daughter, Ysabel, recently flaunted the bra-free life.

But her daring do came with some risks as she nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction on camera. From her sheltered life in the Sister Wives family to traveling and exploring the world, Ysabel has done some growing up over the past few years. Read on to find out what she thinks about living life bra-free.

Fans Want Details About Ysabel’s New Boyfriend

Several of the Brown family members are in London, UK, for what many speculate is Christine’s wedding to her fiance, David. But before fans get the details on that, they’re curious about Ysabel’s romantic future.

Gwendlyn Brown - Beatriz Queiroz - Sister Wives - Instagram
Gwendlyn Brown – Beatriz Queiroz – Sister Wives – Instagram

The 20-year-old daughter of Christine quietly dropped her new man while at Gwendlyn’s wedding to Beatriz Queiroz. The two tied the knot on July 15 while surrounded by family. And in one photo, Ysabel posed with one of Mykelti’s children and her new mystery man. He made two more appearances in other photos from the wedding celebration.

However, his face wasn’t visible. But he was identifiable by the same bracelet on his wrist in each photo. Fans have demanded more details about the new man in Ysabel’s life. On fan forums online, one asked Ysabel if the wedding photos are a “soft launch” of her new relationship. Another cooed, “Oh umm so who is the beast of a dude with that hand of yours on his thigh?” For now, though, Ysabel is keeping things hush-hush on her love life.

Christine Brown’s Daughter Ysabel Flaunts That Bra-Free Life

But she’s definitely not keeping things hush-hush on her enthusiasm for a bra-free life.

While the family is celebrating their vacation in London, Christine Brown’s eldest daughter Ysabel Brown paused to pose for some photos. In one photo, Ysabel wore a black crop top t-shirt with a pair of artfully torn boyfriend jeans. In another photo, Ysabel posed with a beverage in front of the Camden Lock Bridge in Camden Town. She held one leg playfully up and appeared to be leaping. But it was her wardrobe that caught attention. She was wearing a pair of black overalls and a sleeveless white shirt. As she popped her foot up for the playful pic, her bra-free chest nearly tumbled out of her top.

Ysabel Brown - Sister Wives - Instagram
Ysabel Brown – Sister Wives – Instagram

However, Ysabel didn’t seem overly bothered by the near slip, as she wore a huge grin on her face. Mykelti and Truely joined Ysabel, Christine, and David on their mystery trip to the UK.

Do you agree with Ysabel that the bra-free life is the best? And why do you think so many of Christine Brown‘s family members have gathered in London; is it wedding time? Sound off in the comments. And catch Sister Wives Season 18 when it premieres on TLC on August 20 at 10 PM EST. 

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