’90 Day Fiance’ Ella Johnson Flaunts Big Weight Loss In Bikini Top

Ella Johnson-90 Day Fiance-YouTube

90 Day Fiance star Ella Johnson is flaunting her big weight loss but doing so in a bikini top. She has been sharing her shrinking figure for some time. Now, she is taking it all off and continuing to live her best life. Keep on reading to see her in her fabulous bikini and the body to go with it.

90 Day Fiance Ella Johnson Flaunts Big Weight Loss In Bikini Top

When fans first met Ella Johnson, she was in a long-distance, online relationship with her man from China, Johnny. They struggled because of the pandemic as he wanted to come to America. Yet, there were a lot of barriers against them. Plus, he had a great job and was supporting his parents who watched his son while he was away working. As a single parent, all of the responsibility fell on him. For Ella, she wanted Johnny with her but when that could not happen in the timely fashion she so wanted, she cheated on him.

Ella Johnson-90 Day Fiance-YouTube
Ella Johnson-90 Day Fiance-YouTube

Though he was hurt, it turned out that they had an open relationship of some sort. At the same time, Ella Johnson wanted to work on losing weight as Johnny was very slim. She tried to go to the gym but did not appear to make much effort. Over the last several months, she has shown immense progress with her weight loss journey. It seems like she is really taking it seriously and what’s even more exciting is she had a special visitor. Johnny finally came to America this year to see her though it is unclear if they are together or just friends.

Johnny, Ella-90 Day Fiance-Instagram
Johnny, Ella-90 Day Fiance-Instagram

He has been here for some time now and Ella just shared a snap of them on her Instagram. It was clear that they had been enjoying some water fun as he was in swim trunks and she was in a bikini top. Her hair is now a teal color which matched her swim bottom and they were all smiles. However, what was most noticeable was how much weight she had lost and how confident she was with Johnny. She stood tall and proud which is beautiful to see.

Keep It Going

There is no telling what is next for Johnny and Ella Johnson. They are having a great time together and he seems to really appreciate her for all that she is. More so, it is clear that she has no plans of stopping the journey she is on. Back in May, she had lost nearly sixty pounds and fans can hardly recognize her when she is all dolled up. Hopefully, her dream has become a true reality.

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