‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Is Meghan Crumpler A Hoarder?

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Meghan Crumpler is one of the stars of 1000-Lb Best Friends on TLC, but is she also a hoarder?

At some point, Meghan and her now-husband Jon moved into Tina Arnold’s basement. The situation was only meant to be temporary and actually became a hot-button issue during Season 2. Tina asked Meghan and Jon to move out after their wedding, but viewers never really got to see any resolution come from that.

Later social media posts indicated that Meghan and Tina were still living together.

Since she lives in the Arnolds’ basement, Meghan really only has a limited amount of space. And yet, several fans really think she might have a hoarding problem.

Meghan Crumpler might have more pets than she can care for

Fans that follow Meghan on Instagram know that she absolutely adores cats. According to social media, she recently added a new kitty to the family.

“Meet Skooma,” Meghan shared in a new post. In the comments, fans raved over the new furbaby. But one Instagram user expressed concern and encouraged the TLC star to get all the animals chipped, vaccinated, and fixed. Otherwise, she could end up with a hoard of sick cats and multiple litters.

Instagram users weren’t overly bothered by the cat posts, but other fans certainly were.

Meghan Crumpler and her cat Skooma from Instagram
Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

Over on Reddit, a few viewers thought that Meghan might actually be hoarding the cats. Although it’s admirable that she wants to take in so many animals, many expressed concern that she wasn’t properly looking after their needs. The OP suggested that Meghan has 10 cats, but that specific number hasn’t been confirmed.

Does she really have ten? I have two and that’s more than enough. I can’t imagine having ten!” one Redditor wrote in the comments.

Two of Meghan Crumpler's cats from Instagram
Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

I’m sure those cats have fleas, much less no shots or spay/neuters. I can’t picture her cleaning cat boxes for 10,” another user continued. “Not to mention the money its costs for food and litter, and routine vet appt.”

The TLC star welcomed a new cat just months ago

1000-Lb Best Friends fans think that Meghan may need help when it comes to the cat situation. Back in May, she also adopted a kitten that had been abandoned in the woods. At this rate, many fans believe that Meghan would readily take in another pet, whether or not she had the space and means to care for it.

If Meghan and Jon are still living in Tina’s basement, that many cats might be causing more problems within the home.

What do you think about the situation? Does Meghan Crumpler have a hoarding problem when it comes to pets? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Check back soon for more news and updates on the 1000-Lb Best Friends cast.

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