Matt James Breaks Silence About Mom On ‘Golden Bachelor’

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Bachelor Matt James broke his silence about rumors his mom Patty James is going to be on The Golden Bachelor. In a recent interview, the topic came up and Matt spilled the tea on what he knows. What did he have to share about his mom being a contestant on Gerry Turner’s premiere season? Keep reading to find out more.

Matt James breaks silence about mom on Golden Bachelor

Rumors have been flying that Patty James was ready to look for love on the senior edition of The Bachelor. It was just announced this week that Gerry Turner will be the first-ever Golden Bachelor. His season is set to begin filming sometime this week according to Reality Steve. Will fans be seeing Patty step out of a limo?

US Weekly spoke with Matt James about his mom being cast on the show. According to Matt, he has no idea if she made the cut.

He said, “I keep getting that question, like, if someone knows something, ‘Let me know!’”

At that point, Rachael Kirkconnell chimed in and said, “We truly, truly, truly don’t know. We don’t know if she’s on it or not.” She went on to say, “I’m very excited to see whatever happens. I’m really excited for Gerry. I think he’s going to be a great Bachelor. I mean, he seems like the absolute perfect candidate, so I’m really excited to watch. … I’m rooting for love [for Patty] any day, whether it’s on TV or off.”

Matt and Rachael are both clearly fans of the new lead. Matt noted that he just wants his mom to be happy.

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What’s up with him and Rachael?

Matt and Rachael also addressed the elephant in the room that they are having relationship issues. According to them, that is not the case at all. They have now been together almost three years and Rachael says they are best friends.

She also noted that they love spending time together and truly do teach each other new things. She insisted they bring out the best in one another. So, while she knows the questions and rumors come out of concern, she said they really aren’t apart that much.

Rumors began flying when Rachael recently took a vacation without Matt. However, those rumors have now been put to rest. Matt and Rachael are still one of Bachelor Nation’s strongest couples.

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What do you think about Patty James possibly joining The Golden Bachelor?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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