Kim Zolciak Uses Scheana Shay Defense For Punching Hubby

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RHOA alum Kim Zolciak is using the Scheana Shay defense when it comes to allegedly punching her husband. Kim and Kroy Biermann called off their divorce after a lot of drama. There was so much he said-she said accusations flying back and forth between the two of them. So, when they reconciled, it was a bit of a shock. Now, another accusation is aimed at Kim but she has opted for the Scheana defense. What does that mean? Read on for more details.

Kim Zolciak Uses Scheana Shay Defense For Punching Hubby

When Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay was accused of punching Raquel Leviss, she had a reason why it was impossible. She tried to make a fist. However, Shay showed that it was physically impossible since her nails were so long. There was also other evidence but this was Scheana’s main defense. Now, Kim Zolciak is using the same defense when it comes to her husband, Kroy Biermann. While they had filed for divorce, he accused her of having a gambling problem and needing a psych evaluation. At the same time, she claimed he needed to be drug tested.

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Then like magic, they called off their divorce and reconciled. Yet, according to Us Weekly, Kroy accused Kim Zolciak of punching him in the back of the head. In May, Biermann filed a police report against his then estranged wife but Kim apparently pulled a Scheana Shay for her defense. “I can’t punch him if I wanted to because of my nails. I can’t make a fist.” Depending on when in May, Kim very well could have taken this tip from Scheana on the Pump Rules finale.

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However, Scheana Shay talked about making a fist with her nails dating back to March when she allegedly punched Raquel Leviss. It all occured in NYC right after WWHL. Yet, back in California, there was an event for Tom Sandoval at TomTom. That was when Ariana Madix discovered that he and Leviss were having an affair. Since Scheana was best friends with both ladies, she flipped on Raquel and, by Shay’s account, shoved her and threw her phone. Raquel claimed Shay had punched her but the nails made it impossible.

All About The Nails

Though both Kim Zolciak and Scheana Shay claimed that they cannot make a fist with their nails, the former seems to have other issues to contend with. Per Us Weekly, it is alleged that Kroy Biermann put a tracker on Kim’s car. This occured after the whole divorce filing. Kim immediately went to the police to speak to an officer. This all happened around the same time of the police filing where Kim claimed she couldn’t punch with her nails.

There is a lot to unpack with this situation and the fact that Kim and Kroy threw so much at one another and now they are fine. Plus, the nail defense is sweeping the Bravo world. Do you think that Kim Zolciak stole this from Scheana Shay? Is it a viable defense? Let us know in the comments below.

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