Dancing Heidi Klum Showers On Camera, Shares Video

Heidi Klum | Instagram

Heidi Klum isn’t one to shy away from the camera, even if she’s showering! The star shared a video of herself on her Instagram and she is showering outside in a swimsuit. Not only that, but she seems to be loving every second of it. Keep reading for more details and learn about Heidi’s nearly naked post.

Heidi Klum showers on camera

In a new video, Heidi Klum is totally exposing herself as she showers on camera. The superstar took to her Instagram profile to share a video with fans. In the video, she’s wearing nothing but a black string bikini. The set is very revealing, showing not only Heidi’s cleavage as she bounces around but her long legs and ultra-toned tummy. Heidi opted for a set of body jewelry as a light silver band wraps around her middle, resting on her curvy hips.

Heidi Klum | Youtube
Heidi Klum | Youtube

Water is falling from a shower head outside as it lands on Heidi’s bleach blonde locks, leaving them slicked back and soaked. While in the shower, the star is jumping around with a bright smile on her face as the water falls on her. At some points, she even seems to be dancing as she kicks her feet up. It looks like she’s having the time of her life as she pushes her cleavage forward, soaking herself in the water.

Apparently, the shower was not a warm one though, despite all the fun Heidi is having in the video. Instead, she actually reveals in the caption that it’s ‘cold’ with a few cold emojis to show just how serious she is. Of course, this isn’t stopping her from having fun in the water and throwing her arms up above her head.


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Heidi goes topless

It seems that Heidi Klum is always trying to post something new and exciting. In fact, she recently posted topless while putting her bare butt on display. This snap was quite the opposite of the shower as she was wearing next to nothing in a seemingly warm climate. Once again, she opted for a black bikini. This time though, she’s only wearing the bottoms.


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In the photo, Heidi’s back is to the camera, however, she’s turned around flirting with the lens. Her blonde hair is once again down, but this time it’s dry and curly as it hangs down her bare back. Needless to say, fans went wild for this scandalous photo.

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