‘Yellowstone’ Alum Kevin Costner Wants To ‘Humiliate’ Ex-Wife

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Kevin Costner’s messy divorce has just become more toxic. The latest news about the Yellowstone alum is that he plans to “humiliate” her.

Here is the latest news on this volatile divorce.

Yellowstone Alum Wants To Humiliate Ex-Wife

Fans of Yellowstone know that John Dutton will do whatever he can to protect what is his. Now, Kevin Costner, the actor that portrays him, is using that sort of ruthlessness in his messy divorce.

According to The Daily Mail, a source close to his soon-to-be ex-wife claims that the Field Of Dreams star wants to make his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner’s life a “living hell.” This pal has revealed that Costner is “out for revenge.”

He wants to humiliate her. This isn’t about the house, it’s about making Christine’s life a living hell for actually going through with the divorce.

Kevin Costner’s Actions Are ‘Traumatizing’ To Their Three Children

The source also revealed that Kevin Costner’s three children with Christine Costner, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, are going through a lot. The source insists that Christine has been thinking of the children throughout this entire uncoupling. However, Costner has “done the complete opposite.”

He’s not thinking about the kids, about how traumatizing this is.

For example, when it came time to tell the kids that they were getting divorced, Christine asked that they do this together. Instead, while talking to his kids, on Zoom from his Vegas hotel room, he told them about the divorce without Christine being present.

Kevin Costner, Christine Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner, Christine Costner – YouTube

Kevin Costner Accused Of Shortchanging Mother Of His Youngest Children

One of the biggest points of contention is where Christine Costner and the three children will move to. Kevin has offered his ex $30,000 to rent a place. He even added $10,000 to pay his staff to cover the move.

However, her friend, the source contends that the Bull Durham star is lowballing Christine. Finding a place in the Padaro Lane area is considerably more expensive than what Costner was offering her. Her pal insists that Costner is spiteful, as he chose to “punish her” instead of making it “easy” for his ex. She contends that he is purposely trying to antagonize his ex.

That seems to be working. Recently, Costner has been trying to work on the production of the first movie in his epic Horizon saga at his $145 million Santa Barbara complex. But, as Christine is still living there, he has to leave the complex and is unable to work on this expensive project that he has sunk a lot of his money into.

This is doubly important as Kevin is no longer starring in Yellowstone. He is not playing John Dutton anymore, nor is he getting any residuals.

Last week, the judge ordered her to move out by the end of July. But, he has not given her many good options for their children’s new place.

Her friend says Christine is especially worried that Kevin Costner will call law enforcement to escort her off the Santa Barbara complex.

Contentious Divorce Goes Both Ways

There is no doubt that this once-loving relationship is now contentious. The initial report was that Kevin Costner was blindsided when Christine Costner filed for divorce over 10 weeks ago.

Next, she asked for over $248 thousand per month in child support. But, Costner’s court papers accused these totals of including plastic surgery and personal trainer costs for Christine, not items for the children.

The couple will be returning to court in November. Could this be to finally settle this divorce? Possibly. However, the accusations are flying fast from both sides. Unless the former couple find some common ground, their words will continue to dominate the headlines.

Who is to blame in this divorce, Kevin Costner or his estranged wife Christine? Share your opinions about this messy divorce below.

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