Hannah Godwin Seen Without Engagement Ring, Why?

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Bachelor in Paradise fan fave Hannah Godwin is engaged to Dylan Barbour. However, she was seen recently not wearing her engagement ring. Fans are wanting to know what is going on. Keep reading to find out more and hear what Hannah had to say about it.

Where is Hannah Godwin’s engagement ring?

Hannah Godwin was seen without her engagement ring out in public. Now, fans are questioning if there is a problem between her and fiance Dylan Barbour.

She recently appeared on the When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany podcast where she shared all the details about her missing ring. Brittany Cartwright asked Hannah flat out about her missing ring. She pointed out that fans were noticing it and questioning if there is a problem between her and Dylan.

Hannah said she actually doesn’t know what happened to her ring. She revealed that one morning Dylan woke her up early and asked where her ring was. She told him it was in the bathroom and she hasn’t seen it since.

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Hannah isn’t sure what is going on but doesn’t want to pressure Dylan about it very much. She is speculating that perhaps he is going to propose to her again three weeks before their wedding although she realizes that is far-fetched.

Or, everyone on the podcast thinks that perhaps he is getting a matching wedding band for the ring to give to her on their wedding day. So, they are still engaged and getting married rather soon.

Hannah Godwin via Insta 2

When is their wedding?

Hannah also revealed that she and Dylan are having a destination wedding in August. Since it is a destination wedding she revealed only roughly eight Bachelor Nation members were on the invite list. She noted the invitation list was the hardest when it came to planning the wedding.

Brittany also asked her if she knew during Bachelor in Paradise that Dylan was going to propose. Hannah said she did not know and was surprised because they had talked about how crazy it was to get engaged after only three weeks.

It worked out for them and she found the love of her life. They have been together ever since. After postponing a few times due to Covid, the couple finally gets to get married.

Stay tuned for more updates but in the meantime, why do you think Dylan took her ring? Are you excited to see wedding photos from these two?

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