Why Isn’t A New Episode Of TLC’s ‘You, Me & My Ex’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t a new episode of You, Me & My Ex on tonight? If you’re a loyal viewer of the TLC reality show, you may have looked at your guide and noticed it is not on. So, what is the reason and when will it return? Read on for more details.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of TLC’s You, Me & My Ex On Tonight?

Last week on TLC’s  You, Me & My Ex, it was officially over between De’Andre and Elodie. He had moved back to Atlanta and was looking for a place. Additionally, he hosted a birthday dinner for his mother along with his ex, Rowan. Of course, his mother wanted to see him back with Rowan. However, they said they needed to start new chapters. As for Elodie, she had moved on with someone different and older. Ultimately, it seemed that De’Andre and his mother would be living together but she held out hope for a Rowan reconciliation.

Rowan. De'Andre, Elodie- You, Me & My Ex-YouTube
Rowan. De’Andre, Elodie-YouTube

Alex and Caroline hosted and sip and see for baby Bowen so that everyone could have some drinks and toast to the new baby. Then, there were some guests that neither party was fond of. Caroline threw a drink at one of Alex’s friends and he proceeded to talk badly about one of her friends. In the end, the couple revealed a new Hines member could be joining the family. Matt found Chelsea and it was clear that she did not want him to marry anyone, not even Kenzie. Yet, they proceeded to make wedding plans anyway. Maybe TLC will film it?

John, Loren, April, Roy- You, Me & My Ex-YouTube
John, Loren, April, Roy- YouTube

Loren moved in with her new girlfriend and Roy moved back home so it may be rekindled love between him and April. Finally, Danielle and Josh decided to ask Chantel to be their surrogate plus the couples decided to get their own homes. So, what happens next? The season is sadly over for now and it is unclear if TLC will renew You, Me & My Ex. So, what will be in its time slot?

It’s 90 Day Time

Coming in for You, Me & My Ex will be 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Typically, it airs on TLC Sunday evenings. However, that slot is currently occupied by another 90 Day spin-off, Before the 90 Days. Returning will be Daniele and Yohan who claimed their marriage was over at the last tell-all. Along with them, fan favorites Kenny and Armando are coming back so that will be very exciting for viewers who have watched them on Pillow Talk.

Are you sad that You, Me & My Ex is over or are you excited to start a new season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way? Let us know and watch new episodes Monday on TLC.

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