Taylor Swift’s Clues Make Fans Think They Discovered Next Album

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Easter eggs are one of Taylor Swift’s favorite things to hide in her life. She continuously puts little clues for upcoming things she does into music videos, social media posts, on her clothes, etc. This has been a little game her fans can play to see what she has up her sleeve for the future. Some Swifties can figure out her next move, and some think they know which album she will release next. Are they right?

Taylor Swift Is Claiming Her Old Albums

Since Scooter Braun bought Taylor’s music she has been fighting to get the rights back. This is why she has been rerecording her albums and putting “Taylor’s Version” after them, they are finally hers again. The singer has rerecorded three of her albums already and fans know that the rest are coming. On July 7 Swift released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), which is the same day she performed her show in Kansas City, MO. During her first night of the weekend, Taylor premiered her music video to “I Can See You” a track from the vault.

Swifties Put Clues Together

In the music video Joey King, Presley Cash, and Taylor Lautner are the stars. They spend the video trying to break Taylor out of the vault. US Magazine stated fans have picked up on a ton of clues in the video that could reveal which album Taylor Swift will release next. The Easter eggs Swift hid in her video include:

  • The time shown was 1:58 am on July 9, which is a reference to her song “Last Kiss”.
  • Viewers see tons of dresses locked behind glass, these represent her different eras. Joey King starred in Swift’s music video of “Mean” when she was nine, in the video King is shown looking at the dress she wore in the video locked behind glass.
  • Taylor is locked in the vault wearing the gold dress that she wore on the Speak Now tour. She is also known for putting the number 13 on her hand before every show. Not only was Swift wearing the gold dress, she had 13 on her hand and the lyrics to her song “Long Live” written on her arm.
  • Fans suspect that her song “Back To December” was written about Taylor Lautner. In the video, Lautner is shown in front of a white piano, which is the same piano Swift used to sing “Back To December” in her 2010 tour. Also, Lautner is shown fighting people, like he wanted to fight Kanye West after the VMA incident.
  • Swifties counted 1.468 marks on the wall of the vault. This is the number of days between when Taylor’s music was sold, to the day she released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Some are unsure how fans even counted that.
  • There were too many similarities between the “I Can See You” music video and her “Bad Blood” music video. With the lasers and the slim briefcase, Swift is trying to show her fans something.
  • When the group is seen fleeing the museum in a getaway car, fans notice the sign above them reads “1’-9” 8.9tv”. That stand for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and fans are suspecting this will be the next album she releases.

Does it seem like Swift will release 1989 (Taylor’s Version) next? Other Swifties are questioning if it could also be Reputation (Taylor’s Version). Regardless, fans are ecstatic over the idea of yet another album. They will stand beside her forever. Which album do you think is next? Sound off in the comments below.

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