Season Finale Spoiler: Is Mama June Shannon Pregnant?

Mama June-YouTube

Is Mama June Shannon pregnant with her fifth child? The season finale gave some clues as to what to expect but there is something unexpected that is bound to happen. In the Family Crisis preview for the Friday, July 14th episode, June has a bombshell announcement to make. Yet, what could it possibly be? Read on for more details.

Season Finale Spoiler: Is Mama June Shannon Pregnant?

This whole season of Family Crisis, Mama June has done whatever she can to get everyone together for her lavish vow renewal. She lied to her mother-in-law, Mama Dukes about how close she is with her daughters. This caused a huge fight between June and her husband, Justin Stroud. Then, she decided to contact Dr. Ish to get three out of four of her girls together for a retreat. June had to learn how she hurt them, especially Pumpkin and Alana. When she was with the lawyer and Pumpkin for Alana’s custody agreement, she did not want to pay child support. This caused a big divide among the girls.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

Fortunately, they worked through their issues at the retreat but Alana, Pumpkin, and Jessica still did not know about the wedding. They wanted to ease into a relationship with Mama June until she asked Pumpkin’s daughter, Ella to be the flower girl. This sent everyone into a fit. From the season finale trailer, it is clear all four girls walk June down the aisle but she has a bombshell that no one knows. What is it? A Facebook group started to speculate. They believe that Mama June might be pregnant.

“In the previews for the wedding, it shows June at the alter with ole boy and she says she has a surprise or something to tell everybody. What do y’all think it is ? Lord, I hope she can’t get pregnant,” the initial poster wrote. More so, some noted that they believe her tubes are tied so this is not happening. Others felt that her big reveal was that she is moving back to Georgia or that she is becoming a drug counselor. There are a lot of theories.

Could She Be Pregnant?

Mama June fans added that if you watch her TikTok videos, there is no way that she would be pregnant. Furthermore, fans would be able to tell she was expecting by now so it just is not plausible. One person pointed out that maybe she will share that they are already legally married considering some may not know. However, their marriage was everywhere so that is highly unlikely, as well.

What do you think Mama June’s big wedding bombshell is going to be? Finally, will it be a big shock or something really minor with a lot of hype? Let us know and watch the season finale of Mama June: Family Crisis Friday on WeTV.

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  1. After 4 kids, starting at 15, you would think she had her tubes tied, so I seriously doubt this…..

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