Collin Gosselin Separated From Siblings As Child By Kate

Jon and Collin Gosselin from IG and Kate Gosselin from YouTube

Collin Gosselin has been through a lot over the years. It is now being revealed that he was separated from his siblings as a child by his mom Kate Gosselin. Of course, none of this was showing on Kate Plus 8. Kate recently went to Collin’s graduation, but allegedly totally ignored him at the event and was only there to see his sister Hannah.

Collin Gosselin Talks Growing Up With Kate

Collin Gosselin has already made it clear that he is team Jon by living with his dad for the last several years. Gosselin recently did an interview that will air on Vice TV on the docuseries Dark Side of the 2000sVice TV posted a clip with Collin that is actually explaining a lot. Collin Gosselin shared that he wasn’t a perfect child, but he also feels like the way he misbehaved wasn’t any different than his siblings. That didn’t keep Kate from treating him differently, though.

Collin feels like Kate Gosselin was going through a lot with her divorce and needed someone to take out her “anger and frustration” on. That ended up being him. The clip doesn’t explain why he thinks that his mom picked him to take everything out on.


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Hannah Gosselin Confirms Kate Separated Collin From Siblings

It turns out that Hannah Gosselin is also in this docuseries and talks about the way Collin Gosselin was treated as a child. You can see this 51-second clip below. Hannah Gosselin explains that Collin would be separated from them as a child. He would even eat dinner at a different time than the rest of the family. She also shared that he would not be allowed to go outside and play with them.

Hannah doesn’t feel like Collin was taught the way to act and what was okay and what wasn’t. It is going to be interesting to hear Collin and Hannah Gosselin both talk about growing up with Kate. So far, Kate Gosselin hasn’t responded to any of these allegations.

Are you shocked to hear the way that Kate Gosselin allegedly treated her son Collin? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. You can catch Dark Side of the 2000’s when it airs on July 18, at 9 p.m. on VICE TV. This is an app that you can download to your television and they offer seven days for free to try it out.

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