‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’ Darian Shares HUGE News

Darian Derrico - Doubling Down With the Derricos - YouTube

Doubling Down With the Derricos star Darian Derrico is sharing her huge news with fans to kick off the weekend. The eldest of Karen and Deon Derrico’s 14 kids is growing up quickly and has many big things ahead. Of course, living life in the public eye means that she has the chance to share these details with the world. She had a special opportunity to reveal what lies ahead in the next chapter of her life. So, what’s her big news?

The Doubling Down With the Derricos family makes a special appearance.

On Friday, July 7, the Derricos appeared on GMA3. The family of 16 chatted about the current season of their show and mom Karen offered parenting advice that works for her large family.

Also on GMA3, fans learned a couple of pieces of information about Darian. At 17, she’s going through many big life changes, and fans get to be a part of the action, thanks to TLC’s DDWTD. 

Darian Derrico - Doubling Down With the Derricos - YouTube
Darian Derrico – Doubling Down With the Derricos – YouTube

Big things are happening for Darian Derrico.

While talking about their road trip from Nevada to New York, Karen dropped a huge piece of news about Darian. She said, “Darian got accepted to NYU.”

Unfortunately, they haven’t shared too many other details about Darian heading off to college. But more information will likely come out soon. This announcement might be included in an episode of Doubling Down With the Derricos in the future. Or maybe Darian and her family will chat about it on social media.

College isn’t the only thing on the horizon for Darian. GMA3 host DeMarco Morgan congratulated Darian on being accepted into NYU, but he also pointed out that she has recently gotten a job. With so much going on, he asked her if she was ready to get out of her parents’ house. Based on these recent changes, it might come across that way.

She said that she loves independence, which may be what’s driving her to apply for college, get a job, and embrace this next chapter of her. Hearing that her daughter likes independence made Karen a little sad, and she pretended to be hurt, while Deon got a good laugh out of his daughter’s response. While Darian seems to be happy with her parents and 13 siblings, she’s getting to an age where she is ready to cut loose and discover herself.

Below, you can check out the Derrico family’s full GMA3 interview.

So, what do you think of the big news about Darian Derrico? Are you eager to see what lies ahead in her next chapter? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite TLC shows and stars. New episodes of Doubling Down With the Derricos air Tuesdays on TLC.

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