Candace Cameron Bure Breaks Silence Miss Benny’s Accusation

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Candace Cameron Bure is breaking her silence after Netflix’s Glamorous star Miss Benny made some shocking allegations regarding the time they shared on the set of Fuller House. What did Miss Benny accuse Candace of exactly? And, how did Candace respond? Keep reading for all the details.

Netflix’s Glamorous star Miss Benny makes shocking claim

It is no secret that Full House and Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure has some pretty strong religious beliefs. Unfortunately, these strong religious beliefs often land her in piping hot water with the press.

Miss Benny had the pleasure of taking on the very first queer role in Fuller House. She played the role of Casey for two episodes. In a recent TikTok, Miss Benny made some very indirect and shocking claims regarding her time on the set with Candace Cameron Bure.

Miss Benny - TikTok
Miss Benny – TikTok

Miss Benny claimed that she was sat down by the writers and producers and explained there was a member of the cast who likely wouldn’t treat her with very much kindness because of her beliefs. Now, Miss Benny never referred to Cameron by name. But, she did claim that she only spoke to one of the “Tanner sisters” while she was on the set of the show. So, those who watched her TikTok knew exactly who she was speaking of.

Here is the video Miss Benny posted on TikTok that Candace is responding to:

@ihatemissbenny Replying to @Teddy Bear queue some nervous fidgeting. #fullerhouse #greenscreen #candacebure ♬ original sound – Miss Benny

Candace Cameron Bure breaks silence on the accusation

It didn’t take long for Candace Cameron Bure to catch wind of the accusation making rounds on TikTokThe actress quickly broke silence and issued an official statement via Page Six denying the accusations of Miss Benny.

Candace Cameron Bure stated in an official statement that she “never asked Miss Benny’s character to be removed from ‘Fuller House’ and did not ask the writers, producers or studio executives to not have queer characters on the show.”

Her statement continued: “Fuller House has always welcomed a wide range of characters. I thought Miss Benny did a great job as ‘Casey’ on the show.”

Candace Cameron Bure [Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
[Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
Unfortunately for the Fuller House star, her strong religious beliefs are making it extremely easy for many to believe what Miss Benny has accused her of.

Do you think what Miss Benny said about Candace Cameron Bure is true? Share your thoughts with us down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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