Tony Padron Highlights Ysabel Brown’s Hidden Talent

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Tony Padron took to Instagram to show off his adorable children and his gorgeous wife, Mykelti, over the weekend. The Sister Wives father-of-three also highlighted his sister-in-law, Ysabel Brown’s hidden talent with his Instagram followers. What is her hidden talent exactly? Keep reading for the scoop.

Tony Padron Highlights Ysabel Brown’s Hidden Talent

Mykelti Padron’s husband Tony was excited to boast about Ysabel Brown’s hidden talent as a photographer via Instagram over the weekend. The TLC father-of-three shared a collection of stunning family photos with his followers. The photos were clear, crisp, and extremely colorful. While Tony was not shy about admitting he had beautiful children and a gorgeous wife, he had to give some credit to his sister-in-law Ysabel who really did the family justice with these perfect family photos.

He penned in the caption he attached to the photos: “Huge ! Thanks to @ysabelpaigebrown for taking our Family Photos. She is very talented! Also, Dayummm…… my wife really knows how to spawn some kids ! They are super cute 😊 #familyphotos #notbiased”

His praise didn’t stop at Ysabel. Tony also doted on his wife for “spawning” their “super cute” children.


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Sister Wives Fans React To Ysabel’s Talent

In the comments, Sister Wives fans were all over the place with their thoughts on these photos. Many fans agreed that Ysabel Roloff had a real talent for capturing the moment. And, she should be really proud of herself. Others, however, gushed about how precious the entire family was. Fans also couldn’t help but agree with Tony that his children were “super cute.”

Here are some of the comments fans left on his post:

  • “You two look wonderful and your children are blessed to have you as parents.”
  • “Awe, she’s so beautiful and Tony! You look so great! What a beautiful family you have. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!”
  • “You are correct, Tony! Your kids are adorable. You two make a great team. Your wife is beautiful and you a great catch, too!!!!”
  • “These are absolutely gorgeous! They’re really professional ysabel is super talented! Mykelti looks insanely beautiful. Shocking how much she looks like Aspyn these days”

Unfortunately, Tony did get a little hate for his bushy hair in a few comments. He, however, had many followers who rushed to his defense telling those who criticized his hair to leave him alone.

Do you agree the photos Ysabel Brown snapped of Tony Padron and his family are impressive? Did you know she was such a talented photographer? Does this surprise you considering one of Janelle Brown’s boys also dabbled in photography? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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