Sarah Drew Starring In New Lifetime Ripped From The Headlines Movie

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Sarah Drew is back in another Lifetime Ripped From The Headlines movie. This murder-mystery movie is called How She Caught A Killer. In addition, the Grey’s alum is also an executive producer of this thriller. Moreover, fans of RHOBH will want to watch this movie because it is Delilah Hamilin’s acting debut.

What is this new Lifetime movie about, and when will it premiere?

Here is all the latest news.

Ripped From The Headlines - Sarah Drew- Instagram
Ripped From The Headlines – Sarah Drew- Instagram

Sarah Drew Is Starring In How She Caught A Killer

Sarah Drew is back on Lifetime, starring in another Ripped From The Headlines movie. This movie is called How She Caught A Killer. Moreover, this is a murder mystery, cat and mouse thriller. Drew plays Detective Linda Murphy. Just out of the police academy, Detective Murphy is fresh-faced and idealistic. She is ready to solve crimes but has no real-world experience.

Early on, her boss, Detective David Goodman, happens to be talking to others about a serial killer in their precinct area. Based on the evidence gathered, Detective Goodman says this serial killer is murdering sex workers. That is the common thread among the victims.

Now, Detective Murphy is on the case. But, she is not working alone. The rookie is paired up with FBI agent Neil Carter. However, she is not there to just investigate. She is going undercover. That means she is going to pretend to be a call girl.

By portraying a hooker, she makes herself the target. Most of all, she needs to trust that her new team is going to protect her and be there when she is in danger. How far will Detective Linda Murphy go to catch a deadly serial killer? Will her naivety help her, or put her into danger?

Sarah Drew - Instagram
Lifetime Movie- Sarah Drew – Instagram

Delilah Hamlin Stars Along With Sarah Drew

Starring along with Sarah Drew is Delilah Hamlin. This is RHOBH alum Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s oldest daughter, who has been seen on the Bravo series, as well as Harry Loves Lisa. This Lifetime Ripped From The Headlines movie is Delilah’s acting debut.

The 25-year-old portrays “a former sex worker and aspiring nurse who is the killer’s first victim.”

In addition, Jamall Johnson, and Eric Keenleyside also star in this mystery thriller.

When Will Lifetime Premiere How She Caught A Killer?

Sarah Drew’s new movie How She Caught A Killer premieres on Saturday, August 19, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel.

Is How She Caught A Killer Based On A True Story?

All Ripped From The Headlines movies are popular on the Lifetime Channel. Viewers enjoy these movies because they are based on true events. Sometimes they are based on a person or particular story, while other times the movie is a combination of several stories.

This is Sarah Drew’s second movie in this series. The first was Stolen By Their Father.

Lifetime fans, how do you watch Ripped From The Headlines movies?


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