No More Plastic Surgery? Kevin Costner Cuts Off Ex’s Credit Cards

Kevin Costner - YouTube

Award-winning movie and television star Kevin Costner is in the throes of a nasty Hollywood divorce. His soon-to-be ex-wife Christine Baumgartner has not accused him of cutting off her credit cards. Why will this prevent her from getting more plastic surgery done?

We have the latest news from this cantankerous conscious uncoupling of the Yellowstone star and the one-time handbag designer.

Kevin Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner – YouTube

Christine Baumgartner Costner Accuses Yellowstone Star Of Stopping Her Extravagant Credit Card Spending

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner is now in a heap of trouble. His soon-to-be ex-wife Christine Baumgartner has accused her movie star husband of limiting her funds. According to Insider, Christine Costner was blindsided when her estranged husband cut down her credit cards. In a court document, she shared what he did.

He canceled one of my credit cards, and substantially reduced my credit limit on my second credit card far below the status quo levels, all without any advance notice to me.”

However, Costner’s rebuttal about her credit card expenses stems from her request for $248k a month in child support. His court records refuted that amount citing that the credit card amounts included plastic surgery and personal training that Chris used, but their three children, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, did not use.

Before they married in 2004, Christine signed a prenup that allowed her $1.4 million, and she needed to vacate their family home in 30 days.

Kevin Costner, Christine Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner, Christine Costner – YouTube

Kevin Costner Used A Forensic Accountant To Learn How Ex-Wife Spent Money On Credit Cards

How does Kevin Costner know what his ex-wife charged? According to Page Six, the documents reveal that “lawyers and a forensic accountant” looked into one of these credit cards. The 49-year old former model charged a whopping $95,000 on Kevin’s credit card “without prior notice.” She never told him she would be spending money on his credit card.

On her side, she is quick to share his financial situation, sharing details from his 2022 tax return in the court documents. It was part of her defense as to why she needed Kevin to pay about a quarter of a million dollars in child support, plus private tuition, health care, and extracurricular activities for their children.

While Kevin does not want his wealth, which is estimated to be between $250 million to $400 million, to be revealed due to “irreparable harm” from a cornucopia of thieves, she doesn’t seem to mind flaunting this information.

Kevin Costner Gave His Ex-Wife Money For A House

Another point of contention between Kevin Costner and his ex is that he has accused her of refusing to move out. As per the aforementioned prenup, she should have moved out by June 1. However, she is firmly planted in their $145 Santa Barbara compound.

Christine Costner claimed, “I have reported told Kevin (both directly and through counsel) that I would move out once a child support order or agreement was in place.” She also added that she is “navigating housing options.”

On the other side, Kevin’s team has revealed that he has already given her a million dollars. This is to get a new place to live. In addition, he has offered to pay mortgage insurance and taxes for a year.

The couple will be meeting in court on July 5 to settle on what Kevin will pay in child support. There stands a good chance he is no longer obligated to pay for her plastic surgery.

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