‘LPBW’ Josiah Roloff Protests, Back To Old Ways?

Josiah Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram - LPBW

LPBW (Little People, Big Worldstar Josiah Roloff is protesting, according to his mom, Tori. Is he heading back to his old ways? What is the one-year-old boy determined not to do now? Keep reading for all of the details, and be sure to scroll down to see all of the adorable footage.

What are Josiah Roloff’s old ways?

If you follow Tori on social media, you may know about Josiah protesting sleep as an infant. The mom of three was very open about their struggles with sleep after welcoming Josiah to the world. It seemed pretty rough at times.

Fortunately, now that he’s a year old, things seem to be much better. Tori doesn’t share much about his poor sleeping habits these days, so it sounds like they’ve improved. However, a recent post seems to suggest they could be reverting to Josiah’s old ways.

Josiah Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram - LPBW
Josiah Roloff – Tori Roloff Instagram – LPBW

LPBW star Tori Roloff reveals her son is protesting.

On her Instagram Stories, Tori shared a few photos of Josiah as she and Zach spent time with him outside. As he played in the grass in his Mickey Mouse pajamas, he was all smiles. Tori admitted to LPBW fans, “He’s supposed to be sleeping. This is more fun.” It looks like Josiah is protesting bedtime, which is what he did as an infant.

Josiah Roloff - Tori Roloff Instagram - LPBW
Josiah Roloff – Tori Roloff Instagram – LPBW

In the photos, it doesn’t look like Jackson and Lilah joined them. They might have already been in bed, or they could have been just out of the frame, exploring.

In addition to posting these sweet photos of Josiah, Tori also shared a couple of videos. In one, she tries to get her one-year-old son to say, “Mama.” Instead, he says, “Dada,” of course. Another video shows the little guy playing with a weed in the grass. He looks as happy as can be.

Below, you can watch the clips of Josiah Roloff enjoying his time out in nature with Tori and Zach.

Hopefully, Josiah pushing back his bedtime to hang out with his family won’t turn into him going back to his old ways of protesting sleep. This may have just been a one-time occurrence. Of course, Tori will continue to keep LPBW fans in the loop via social media. So, be on the lookout for an update to see whether Josiah gets back to sleeping well.

So, can you relate to Tori Roloff as her one-year-old protests bedtime? Do you think he’s going back to his old ways of sleeping troubles? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW stars.

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