Kim Kardashian Is Done: She Has Her Hands Full With Four Kids

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On the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner discussed that Kim thinks she is done having babies. The SKIMS founder discussed that having four children is “a lot.” Additionally, Kim has talked about hiding her true feeling about her ex-husband Kanye West from her kids. The two share all four children together: Psalm, four, Saint, seven,  Chicago, five, and North, 10.  Coupled with the challenges of being divorced and juggling four young kids together, the two have learned to find ways to co-parent. However, not without struggles. While both Kanye and Kim are trying to move on, Kim has stated her family is complete.

Kim Kardashian’s Life Is Full

Admittedly, Kim Kardashian is taking on a large number of challenges in her life currently. Even though she is gaining a great deal of satisfaction from a busy life she is setting limits. Kim has her hands full from being a mom of four, founder and owner of a business, and reality T.V. star in The Kardashians. On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim, 42, and her mother Kris Jenner, 67, reflect on being a parent.

Kris Jenner stated that at age 42, “I just had a baby at 41.”  Reflecting on her past and how she gave birth to her daughter Kylie Jenner when she was Kim’s age. “That’s crazy. I think I’m done,” Kardashian responded.  Jenner replied, “You have four kids, so yeah, it’s a lot.”


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Past And Present, Similar Sentiment

People referenced, Kardashian told Elle in 2018 she was done after having her four children. Confessing, “I don’t think I could handle more than that. My time is spread really thin, and I think it’s important that in all couples, the mom gives the husband as much attention as the kids.” Kim Kardashian expressed, “My home and my heart feel really full right now.”

Kim Kardashian Is Striving To Provide A Home With Peace

Her heart overflows with love for her children. Continually, she works to build a world where they can find peace. Although they are growing up with celebrity parents she wants them to have a haven. She is protective of what her children know about her feelings toward Kanye West. “If there’s something concerning my kids’ dad and I’m upset, I try not to show as much emotion,” Kim said to Vogue Italia. She doesn’t want to have to explain to them why she is upset if something happens. Even though, she had hoped to have a life where she gave equal attention to her spouse, that isn’t the case. Ye and Kim’s marriage didn’t stand the test of time, but they continue to co-parent together.


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However, Kim Kardashian revealed she has a new celebrity crush. She might decide to reconsider another baby if things click with the new guy. What do you think? Is Kim done or will she add another cute kiddo to the brood? Leave me a comment with your thoughts on Kim and her crew.

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