Kelly Clarkson Breaks Silence On Production Drama

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Kelly Clarkson recently spoke to Andy Cohen and she broke her silence on some production drama from her past. In the interview, Clarkson said that the entire drama was blown out of proportion and it all came down to producers lying to her.

Here is a look at what went down and why Clarkson felt she had the right to break down after the drama.

Kelly Clarkson Talks Production Drama

It seems that Kelly Clarkson has found herself in the middle of a lot of drama recently. There have been accusations on her show concerning bullying and harassment. It is not aimed at Kelly but at her producers. Kelly has since responded and said that she will not tolerate bullying on her talk show and promised changes. This makes sense because, in her own past, Kelly experienced some drama aimed at her that caused her to break down.

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This was brought to the limelight in a memoir by producer Clive Davis. The book was published all the way back in 2013, but people are still talking about it. In the memoir, Davis said that Kelly Clarkson “hated” her hit song “Since U Been Gone.” He wrote they had a “tough conversation” about it, and Kelly “burst into hysterical sobbing.” At the time, Kelly didn’t like what he wrote. She responded in 2013 by saying, “I refuse to be bullied and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation” (via PEOPLE).

Kelly was asked about it again this week and acted like it was the first time she heard anything about it. She asked if he had a memoir where he talked about her. She then laughed, saying that at least they are talking about her. However, she then gave Andy Cohen the entire story behind the issue.

Kelly Clarkson on ‘Since U Been Gone’ Song Controversy

Kelly Clarkson let Andy Cohen know what the problems were and why she broke down when talking to Clive Davis about the song. According to Clarkson, the producers “lied” to her about recording the song. She was told there were producers who wanted to work with her. Kelly said she received the song with some “dummy lyrics.” They then told her to write the song to the music.

When Clarkson flew to Sweden, Dr. Luke and Max Martin had already written the song. No one told them Clarkson was writing it. “I look like a fool because I walk in and the label had told me something completely different. That’s a red flag, too. Why lie to me like that?”

She said that she doesn’t like people lying to her, and that is why she has a complicated relationship with the song. However, Clarkson did say that she can “compartmentalize” things easily. She will still “sing the hell out of it on the tour.”

What are your thoughts about Kelly Clarkson and her story about the production of “Since U Been Gone?” Was she lied to, or was it a misunderstanding that neither side let go of? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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