Kanye West’s Former Partner Makes New Wild Claim

Kanye West - Piers Morgan Uncensored, YouTube

Kanye West is raising eyebrows again, and this time it’s because of a new wild claim from his former partner.

The claim comes in a new BBC Two documentary titled The Trouble with KanYe. At one point, rapper and fashion mogul Ye was on top of the world. It all came crashing down in a tiered downfall that started with his split from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian in February 2021. From there, Kanye’s public behavior turned alarming. The Yeezy designer started making public antisemitic remarks, which led to an immediate public outcry and censure from brand partners.

In The Trouble with KanYe, Ye’s former partner Alex Klein alleges that the antisemitism went beyond what the public already knows about.

Alex Has Made Claims About Ye’s Behavior Before

Alex Klein worked with Kanye West on his Stem Player for the rapper’s Donda 2 album.

But after their collaboration, Kanye made a series of antisemitic comments that had the public furious and Alex reassessing their professional relationship. Ye suggested that Jewish people control the world. And at one point the rapper remarked on Twitter, “… I’m going death con [sic] 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” Kanye offered up lukewarm apologies for causing “confusion,” but didn’t walk back his statements. He doubled down in an interview with Alex Jones, seemingly praising Hitler and suggesting the world needs to stop vilifying Nazis.

Kanye West - Lex Fridman, YouTube
Kanye West – Lex Fridman, YouTube

Alex Klein claimed that Kanye got angry and lashed out at him when he tried to question him about the antisemitic remarks. In the past, Alex said that Kanye West was, “very funny” and could be “super candid,” but had recently changed his behavior. In 2022, Alex told the LA Times that Kanye called him “racist,” after telling Ye that “attacking a whole race of people wasn’t good for him or Stem.”

As a result of Kanye’s ongoing public comments, Alex cut ties with him and they went their separate ways.

Former Kanye West Partner Alex Klein Makes Wild New Claim

That’s when Kanye lashed out at him, Alex alleges.

In the new documentary, Alex claimed that their split was when Kanye showed his anger over the whole situation. He alleged, “Kanye was very angry you know, he was saying ‘I feel like I wanna smack you’ and ‘you’re exactly like the other Jews.'” Alex said that the rapper was almost “relishing” in “how offensive he could be” and that he was using the phrases intentionally to hurt.

Alex Klein - Instagram
Alex Klein – Instagram

Alex then said he challenged Kanye, asking if he really believed Jewish people were working together to hold him back. The Donda rapper said that yes he believed it was true, adding that it’s not, “a statement that I need to take back because look at all the energy around me right now.” Kanye added, “Without that statement, I wouldn’t become president.”

Ye is reportedly trying to run for President again in 2024 after a failed attempt in 2020.

Do you believe Alex Klein that Kanye West “relished” being offensive? Do you think the antisemitic comments are part of Ye’s 2024 presidential campaign, or something different? Let us know your thoughts about the rapper’s comments and Alex’s claims from the documentary in the comments.

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