Is Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ Star Jeremy Renner Dead?

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Is Marvel’s Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner dead at the age of 52? Turns out, a terrifying headline has been making rounds across multiple social media platforms that the Marvel star was the victim of a terrible accident involving an escalator. Unlike his previous accident involving a snow plow, the report claims the actor was not so lucky this time around and did not survive.

Is Jeremy Renner, known best for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel franchise dead at the age of 52? Or, has he just become the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax? Keep reading for the details.

Is Marvel’s Hawkeye Star Jeremy Renner Dead?

According to fact-checking site Snopes, it was just a few days ago that a headline sprung up on Twitter claiming Jeremy Renner was dead. The headline reported he was the victim of a freak accident involving an escalator. Fortunately for fans of the Marvel star, Snopes and multiple other outlets have confirmed this was nothing more than a death hoax. That, however, didn’t stop the death hoax from gaining so much traction that “#RIPJeremyRenner” actually started to trend on Twitter.

Given his recent accident with the snow plow, there are a lot of readily available photos of Jeremy Renner pretty banged up. So, it was easy to add concerning photos of the actor to the original report to make it more believable that the escalator accident actually happened.

Interestingly enough, there was a secondary hoax that grew from the first hoax claiming Jeremy wasn’t dead but the escalator accident did happen.  This secondary hoax was attached to a logo from The Guardian claiming that Jeremy was alive. But, his genitals had been ripped off during the escalator accident. Fortunately, that follow-up hoax doesn’t appear to have been true either.

According to Snopes, whoever started the rumor went through the trouble of taking a screenshot of an article previously written by an editor of The Guardian named Sian Cain and doctored the photo to claim the actor passed away due to a freak accident. The outlet went on to point out errors with the time stamp on the hoax photo that made rounds on Twitter.

Fans Of The Actor Were Furious

On Twitter, fans of the Marvel star were furious this death hoax gained so much traction. Hawkeye fans were equally disgusted that so many outlets picked up the story even just for the purpose of debunking it. Here’s some of what frustrated fans had to say:

Are you relieved to know this was nothing more than another celebrity death hoax? Why do you think people pretend celebrities are dead on social media so often? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more celebrity news.

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