Hulu Joins Streaming Giants In Scrubbing Content To Save Money

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Hulu has officially joined the other streaming giants in the decision to scrub content from its platform to save some money. As those who have been following this story know, streaming services including Paramount Plus and Disney Plus have begun to make the frustrating decision to axe content from their platform as part of a hefty tax write-off.

Per a recent report from Deadline, Hulu has now made the decision to come into the fold and get in on this questionable money-saving tactic.

Hulu Joins Streaming Giant In Scrubbing Content To Save Money

Per Deadline, it was about a month ago that Disney revealed plans to remove content from the streaming platform to net anywhere from$1.5B and $1.8B in write-downs during an SEC filing. Unfortunately for Hulu subscribers, the streaming giant has decided to get in on this plan.

Presently, Hulu has plans to scrub Alaska Daily and The Company You Keep from its streaming library early next month. Owned by ABC, both of these series were axed after just one season. The two shows were originally slated to be removed from the platform in September (or later if Hulu struck a new deal with ABC). But, the streaming giant now plans to remove them both next month.

Per Deadline’s sources, it appears as if Hulu plans to treat other content canceled after a single series in the same manner. This strategy will also likely be executed for network specials as well. What does this mean for Hulu subscribers?

Well, it just means that if a new series hits the streaming service per a licensing agreement with another network, subscribers should not store it on their watch list for later if they have an interest in checking it out. Instead, they should watch it immediately.

Not all subscribers hate Hulu’s approach to axing single-season shows. In fact, some agree it saves them the hassle of falling in love with a new show only to learn it got canceled after a single season. Fans who fell in love with these one-season shows, however, aren’t happy about it.

How do you feel about knowing these streaming giants are able to scrub content off of their streaming platform and claim a tax write-off because of it? Did you have Alaska Daily and The Company You Keep on your “watch list” on Hulu? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more streaming news.

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