SHOCKING Netflix Series Saved From Cancellation

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Netflix is well-known for picking up and saving shows that have been canceled by other networks. It, however, is a little less common for a Netflix series to get saved by cancellation. The creator of one Netflix series, however, has just given fans a glimmer of hope by teasing that the series may just be coming back from the dead. Now, this news comes as a huge shock not only because it never really happens, but because the series in question was canceled by Netflix six months ago.

What Netflix series is it exactly that may be getting revived? Who is reviving the series? Keep reading for the exciting details.

SHOCKING Netflix Series Saved From Cancellation

Per TvLine, those who were saddened by Netflix’s decision to cancel Warrior Nun can rejoice as it appears as if the series is being brought back to life six months after its cancellation. Simon Barry, the creator and showrunner of Warrior Nun, took to Twitter this morning with some good news.

Simon explained that “because of your combined voices, passion, and amazing efforts” the fantasy series was making a comeback and it would be “more epic” than before. He ended his tweet by promising that more information would be available soon.

Check out what he officially tweeted down below:

Speaking to TVLine, sources confirm talks are currently underway to revive Warrior Nun. Presently, the plan is for the series to snag a standalone movie or a short final season to provide fans with closure. The sources, however, did confirm the revival would NOT be happening on Netflix’s platform. Unfortunately, it is currently a mystery as far as which network is stepping in to save the series and provide fans with the closure they need.

Some fans of Warrior Nun are speculating MAX (former HBO Max) may have stepped in to save the series and provide fans with some closure as the fantasy genre would fold in nicely to some of the more popular Originals currently on Max’s streaming platform.

It was back in December that Netflix made the decision to cancel this series. The cancellation came as a total shock as the hammer dropped just after Season 2 was dropped. Moreover, fans were also surprised the series got canceled because of how well it ranked on Nielsen’s U.S. ranking of streaming originals.

Naturally, this news has fans of other Netflix Originals (such as Julie and The Phantomswondering if other shows could be saved. Unfortunately, the chances of Julie and The Phantoms getting saved by anyone at this point is unlikely. This particular series had such a young cast that they would have aged significantly making it hard to revive the series and retain the same cast while continuing the story where it left off.

Who do you think picked Warrior Nun up after Netflix canceled it? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more streaming TV news.

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