Kroy Biermann Faces Hefty Gambling Debt Lawsuit

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Fans are shocked to see the recent lawsuit that came out against Kroy Biermann. Especially since in his messy divorce with Kim Zolciak, he alleged that Kim had a gambling addiction. Fans are now seeing the real side of things as Biermann is being sued by Sky Warrior for borrowing a big amount of money and not paying it off before leaving. Who do you think really has a gambling addiction?


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Not Kroy’s First Time Around

This is Don’t Be Tardy star Kroy Biermann’s first-time taking way too long to pay people back. According to TMZ Kroy and his ex-wife Kim supposedly owe the IRS north of $1 million. Kroy is also being sued for missing several lease payments on a Rolls Royce. Biermann expressed in his divorce that Zolciak has a gambling addiction. Well, it seems maybe Kroy was covering up his addiction considering he hasn’t paid back a large amount of money he spent gambling.

Kroy Biermann Borrows a Large Amount Of Money

Fans were astonished when they found out Kroy Biermann had taken out a line of credit for $100,000. Kroy took out this line of credit during his trip to the Bahamas in November 2021. Although Biermann did not use all of the money he took out, he used a little over half of it gambling. The former NFL player spent $52,500 in chip markers at the casino in the Bahamas. Regardless of the amount of money, Kroy Biermann did not pay off his debts before leaving.

The lawsuit has not been resolved and Sky Warrior says they cannot get the money out of Biermann’s bank account. Not only does Kroy owe $52,500, but he also owes interest and attorney fees. Yikes, that’s going to be one pricey bill. When asked, Kroy’s lawyer, Marlys A. Bergstrom, had no comment on the situation.


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Sky Warrior is the company that handles all the credit lines at the Baha Mar Casino which is located in the Bahamas. Fans were in total shock when they found out how much money Kroy borrowed.

Kroy Biermann does not seem to be having much luck in life right now. While he is currently going through a messy divorce with his former wife Kim Zolciak, he just keeps getting more and more piled on. What are your thoughts on the situation? Are you as shocked as others by how much money the former NFL player borrowed? Sound off in the comments below.

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