Fans Blast Trent & Amber Johnston For Crossing Line Once Again

Trent and Amber Johnston - YouTube - 7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons fans are blasting Trent and Amber Johnston as they’ve crossed the line once again. The couple has been under fire frequently for the way they act on TV and how they’ve chosen to raise their kids. What have they done this time? Read on to find out why fans are upset with them now.

7 Little Johnstons fans often criticize the parents.

If you follow the Johnston family on social media or watch their TLC show, you may know that they are constantly criticized for their behavior. On social media, fans often discuss the episodes. This couple seldom gets positive feedback, though.

Fans complain about Trent and Amber Johnston’s inappropriate jokes, their obvious favoritism toward certain kids, and more. So, it may not surprise you that fans are accusing the couple of taking things too far once again.

Trent and Amber Johnston - YouTube - 7 Little Johnstons
Trent and Amber Johnston – YouTube – 7 Little Johnstons

Did Trent & Amber Johnston cross the line once again?

On Reddit this week, 7 Little Johnstons fans posted a new thread about Trent and Amber’s behavior. Fans feel that the parents are putting pressure on their son Alex to kiss his girlfriend, Allie. 17-year-old Alex has made it clear that Allie isn’t ready to kiss. And he seems to be respecting her wishes, which fans are glad to hear.

However, fans feel that Trent and Amber Johnston are pressuring Alex to take his relationship with Allie to the next level. One fan admitted they find it “so weird” that Amber and Trent would push Alex to kiss his girlfriend, especially at a young age and particularly because she isn’t ready yet.

7 Little Johnstons - Alex Johnston - YouTube
7 Little Johnstons – Alex Johnston – YouTube

One outraged fan said, “They are control freak, helicopter parents who are waaaayy too involved in their adult children’s lives, to the point where it’s beyond creepy. It’s actually gross.”

Another chimed in, “They should 100% be praising Alex for this attitude of she’s not ready so I’m ok waiting. But instead they’re pushing him to do something she has made clear that she’s not ready for.”

Fans are hopeful that Trent and Amber Johnston’s pressure won’t get to Alex and prevent him from respecting Allie’s boundaries. The family’s followers are praising Alex for being so understanding of his girlfriend and standing up to his parents as they push him a bit.

So, do you agree with the fans who think that Trent and Amber Johnston are continuing to cross the line? Do you think the couple takes things too far? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite TLC shows and stars. 7 Little Johnstons Season 13 is now streaming on-demand and here’s how to watch it.

Pressuring alex
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  1. I agree they need to back off and leave Alex alone about kissing his girlfriend, if she isn’t ready gor that to happen they need to RESPECT her FEELINGS and her WISHES. And when it comes to the oldest 3 kids they need to let them do their own thing and let them be ADULTS, they are not babies any more. yeah as a parent you can be there for your child but you don’t need to tell them shouldn’t do this and that you should do this instead. let the older kids do what they want it’s the only way they are going to learn. I know I wouldnt tell my daughter or my son what they can and couldn’t do as a ADULT. I could my 2 cents worth as my opinion and leave it at that. it’s their life let them live it. step back and stop being overly pertective to them. I know damn well their parents backed off after they became ADULTS and they need to do the same for their kids.

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