Bre Tiesi To Have More Babies With Nick Cannon?

Bre Tiesi - Nick Cannon - Selling Sunset - Wild N Out - ET, Big Boy TV, YouTube

Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi may be having more babies with Nick Cannon.

The reality tv star and realtor opened up about the possibility in a recent interview. It may come as a surprise to fans of the star who have blasted Nick for his prolific reproductive choices. Bre explained that things are better than people assume, and she’s happy with the thought of having more kids with the game show host.

Bre Celebrates Legendary’s First Birthday And Talks Co-Parenting

Over the weekend, Bre Tiesi hosted the first birthday party for the son she shares with Nick Cannon, Legendary Love. While celebrating the toddler’s milestone, Bre sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about co-parenting with Legendary’s dad.

Bre Tiesi - Nick Cannon - Selling Sunset - Instagram
Bre Tiesi – Nick Cannon – Selling Sunset – Instagram

The Selling Sunset star explained that she gets criticism from people in her circle, but her co-parenting plan with Nick works for them. Bre said that Nick makes his own schedule. She added, “He can show up every day, when he stops from work. He can come at night. So, he’s here every week, and especially when he’s home, he’s here.” Even though they don’t have a planned schedule he’s, “very present.” The reality tv star added, “I’m very happy. He’s very supportive.” 

Bre said that he shows up whenever she asks him to, adding, “That man has never told me no.” While it may seem unconventional, it’s working for them. Bre doesn’t feel that she or Legendary are missing out on anything or struggling.

Bre Tiesi Open To Having More Babies With Nick Cannon

It’s because of this unconventional setup and how well it works that Bre Tiesi is considering more babies with Nick Cannon.

When ET asked if she wanted another baby with Nick, the Selling Sunset star responded, “I do and I don’t.” For where she’s at in her career, Bre isn’t sure that adding another little one is the right choice for right now. She added, “Part of me does want to give him another sibling, but he has a few of those, so I don’t think he’s necessarily missing out, but it’s hard.”

Legendary does indeed have a lot of siblings. Nick Cannon shares 12-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah Carey. He has 2-year-old twins Zion and Zillion and 7-month-old Beautiful Zeppelin with his ex Abby De La Rosa. He also shares Golden Sagon, 6, and Rise Messiah, 9 months, and daughter Powerful Queen, 2, with his ex Brittany Bell. Nick has a 9-month-old daughter Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole, and another daughter Halo Marie, 6 months, with Alyssa Scott.

Nick Cannon - Bre Tiesi - Selling Sunset - Instagram
Nick Cannon – Bre Tiesi – Selling Sunset – Instagram

Bre says that Nick is “open to whatever,” when it comes to having another baby together. Nick said that his goal is to appreciate the time he has with his kids. He called himself and Bre a “team” while raising their young son. He explained, “When there are no nannies available or none of that, it’s like, ‘Yo, I’m on my way.'”

While this may sound like an unusual way to parent, it seems to be working well for Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon. Do you think Bre and Nick will have another baby sometime soon? Or is she going to focus on her career? Sound off in the comments. And catch Bre on Selling Sunset Seasons 1 through 6 streaming on Netflix now. Catch Nick on Wild ‘N Out on VH1 and reruns on MTV2.

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