Heartbroken Fans BEG Taylor Selfridge To Leave Cory Wharton

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Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom are absolutely heartbroken for Taylor Selfridge as they beg her to leave Cory Wharton and find a man that actually appreciates and deserves her. What exactly did Cory Wharton do to land in the doghouse with fans of Teen Mom? Keep reading for the scoop.

Cory Wharton sets Taylor Selfridge up for heartbreak

Cory Wharton recently took his baby mama, Taylor Selfridge, up on a hot air balloon ride as part of an extravagant date. Sadly, Taylor didn’t appear to have a great time as fans agreed she looked both terrified and sick. Making things worse, this type of extravagant date is typically a grand gesture someone would make when they were planning to propose. So, Teen Mom fans were a bit surprised to learn that not only did Taylor appear to have a miserable time on this date, but Cory didn’t even propose to her.

Forced to defend himself as fans destroy him

The Teen Mom father was forced to defend himself after receiving some pretty heated backlash for making this grand gesture that didn’t conclude with him popping the question. He, however, wasn’t willing to buckle to critical fans and clapped back at them in what many are considering to be an embarrassing video. Some, however, also admit they feel sad for Taylor as she’s really the one who is losing in this situation.

Here’s the video of him defending himself that’s making rounds on social media:


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And, here’s what some Teen Mom fans have to say about the video:

  • “I don’t understand how people can have multiple kids together but won’t get married. Babies are wayyyy more of a commitment then marriage. Unless the people don’t believe in marriage then that makes sense to me.”
  • “He’s not going to marry her because he’s probably still cheating just not getting exposed anymore. This is embarrassing for Taylor tho because she’s said she wants to get married multiple times.”
  • “He made it worse by posting that video lmaoo he shouldve just ignored the comments”


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In the video, Cory Wharton mocks fans who repeatedly told him to propose before telling them to “shut up” because it was his life and he would live it however he wanted to. For the most part, Teen Mom fans are in agreement Cory just escalated the situation by making this video.

Do you think Taylor should consider leaving him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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