Single Amy Halterman Shocks In Tiny Black Bikini

Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from YouTube

Reality TV star Amy Halterman is single, ready to mingle, and rocking a skimpy black bikini while on vacation.

This week, 1000-Lb Sisters fans were buzzing with excitement after learning the family went on vacation and took film crews with them. By all accounts, it genuinely seems as though TLC is taping content for an upcoming season.

Although fans were discouraged from filming the TLC stars on the beach, one TikToker managed to capture some video footage anyway. And they managed to capture Amy Halterman slaying on the beach in a cute two-piece swimsuit.

Amy Halterman embraces her body and opts for a two-piece on vacation

Fans that are eager for 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5 appear to be in luck. Beachgoers in Florida recently spotted the cast and crew together filming content.

TikToker mamatgar50 begins to film the scene before a TLC crew member asks her to stop. The crew member dodges the TikToker’s question and is quickly called away by a producer. After she leaves, mamatgar50 resumes filming and captures Amy enjoying the surf and sun.

Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLCSourced from YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

In the video, Amy emerges from the ocean with two family members, possibly her nephews, and walks toward the camera crew. The TLC star really struggled with her weight after having two babies shortly after receiving bariatric surgery. However, it seems like she’s working toward her goals again.

Fans immediately noticed how amazing Amy looked on the beach with her family. Even if she isn’t quite where she wants to be, she seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself in the video.

Amy Halterman on the beach from mamatgar50 on TikTok

Her little black swimsuit hugs her curves nicely. Although mamatgar50 didn’t capture a frontal view, it looks as though the suit also shows off Amy’s cleavage.

Fans can also spot Amy’s sisters Misty and Amanda in the TikTok, indicating the entire family came along on the trip.

Amy Halterman on the beach from mamatgar50 on TikTok

“Wow they look amazing,” another TikToker wrote in the comments.

“Amy is looking good!” someone else added.

It’s not immediately clear where Tammy was when the TikTok was filmed. However, uploaded her own set of Florida photos so it’s clear she went on vacation with the family.

Check out the full TikTok for yourself here:


Not gonna lie, at first I got really excited bc I thought it was Mama June, Pumpkin, and Honey Boo Boo. It wasn’t but, the girl from the show looks great! This clearly never happens in my area. 1000 lb sisters filming drew quite the crowd! #fyp #tlc #1000lbsisters #mamajune #honeybooboo

♬ original sound – Teresa T

The TLC star enjoys the family trip as her divorce continues

Fans are relieved to see that Amy is getting some rest and relaxation with her loved ones. She’s reportedly still navigating her divorce from Michael Halterman, which is definitely going to cause some headaches.

And without a doubt, fans agreed she looked amazing on the beach. If she’s having a rough time with the breakup, she definitely isn’t showing it.

Are you excited to see Amy Halterman working on her goals again? What did you think of her cute bikini? Leave your thoughts in the comments and share what you think.

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