Paramount Plus Cancels 4 Shows & Plans To Erase Old Episodes

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Paramount Plus has dropped the hammer and canceled four different shows. Doubling down on the bad news, the streaming giant also has plans to erase old episodes from their streaming library. What four shows did Paramount pull the plug on? And, did they explain why the old episodes are getting scrubbed? Keep reading for all the details.

Paramount Plus Cancels 4 Shows & Plans To Erase Old Episodes

Per The Sun, Paramount Plus has broken a lot of hearts in a shocking decision to axe four different shows.

Unfortunately, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is first on the chopping block. The series has been canceled and will not return for a second season. Animated series Star Trek: Prodigy has also landed on the chopping block and has been canceled after just a single season.

The competition series Queen of the Universe has been axed after just two seasons and will not return for Season 3. Lastly, the streaming service has decided to pull the plug on The Game after just two seasons.

Paramount Plus subscribers that had an interest in watching these shows will need to move quickly as the streaming service plans to scrub them from their platform completely. Per The Sun, the streaming giant is following in Disney+’s footsteps by removing underperforming shows as part of a tax write-off. The streaming giant does have plans to scrub some other underperforming shows. They, however, aren’t attracting as much attention as this decision was.

Showtime Content Heads For Paramount

While this news is a major bummer for Paramount subscribers, the streaming platform is gearing up to pump up its streaming library with some fresh Showtime content in the near future. So, subscribers itching for new content to watch will have a few new things to check out starting next week.

Here’s what a spokesperson for Paramount Plus had to say about the merger with Showtime when the news first broke:

In the unified Paramount+ with Showtime plan, the Showtime portfolio of edgy, critically acclaimed programming will complement the broad and popular Paramount+ library in a seamless offering that appeals to everyone, enables more discovery between the brands and builds overall viewership

The statement continued: “As we prepare to combine Paramount+ and Showtime later this month in the U.S., we are refining our content offering to deliver the best streaming experience for subscribers.”

Are you surprised Paramount made the decision to axe so many shows at the same time? Did it surprise you more that they are also being scrubbed from the streaming library? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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