‘RHONJ’ Is Melissa Gorga Gearing Up For Spin-Off?

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Is RHONJ star Melissa Gorga gearing up for a spin-off? It is still up in the air as to whether or not Melissa will be coming back for Season 14. Right now, it really feels like it is between the Gorgas and Teresa Giudice, both of who have very large fanbases. Even Andy Cohen has said he is torn between the two women. So, is the solution to give Melissa her own show? Read on for more details.

RHONJ Is Melissa Gorga Gearing Up For Spin-Off?

Melissa Gorga had a rough season, especially with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. It was really hard when Teresa was getting married to Luis Ruelas. Sadly, Melissa was not invited to be in the bridal party. This was after Teresa preached the importance of family yet she was only including Luis’ sisters. There was a huge divide with a lot of back and forth all of Season 13 and it finally exploded at the reunion. Fans wondered if both women would be back for the next season and then it came out that Bravo had put the future of the show on hold. It is still unclear if both, one, or neither women will return.

Teresa Giudice [Bravo | YouTube]
Now, there is another question aside from who will return. Is it possible that Melissa Gorga will be getting a spin-off? She has a daughter heading to college, a successful business, a husband who adores her, and two growing sons. Furthermore, viewers are tired of the Gorgas and Teresa using each other for stories. So, why not separate the two? According to Page Six, Melissa saw a post about getting her own show. She quickly responded to it but what did she say?

The Gorgas/Facebook
The Gorgas-Facebook

“I actually don’t want a spinoff. I like where I am 💁🏻‍♀️,” the mother of three wrote. This all spawned from a source speaking to OK!. They shared this: “She’s not having fun anymore [on ‘RHONJ’]. She’s given it her all for years and feels she can do it by herself with her family and break out on her own.” Yet, as aforementioned, this is not something that she appears to want at the moment.

A New Chapter

Aside from RHONJ, Melissa Gorga has a lot on her plate right now. Her daughter, Antonia just graduated from high school. Soon enough, she will be heading off to college so Melissa will want to savor their time together. Additionally, she has her business which is doing exceptionally well. In the end, the chips will fall where they may and she may or may not be back.

Would you like to see Melissa Gorga on another season of RHONJ or possibly get a spin-off? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. she deserves which ever she chooses and that is what I will watch. So over Theresas storyline. She has proven to be a self centered and arrogant, yet an unintelligent person, lol When she opens her mouth it shows how childlike and jealous she truely is of anyone else that is successful around her.

  2. why would Tre have Melissa in her wedding when the season before all the women dragging Luis and not once did she actually stand up for Teresa so nope I wouldn’t have had her there either.

  3. YES. . .GIVE MELISSA A SHOW TO F L O P AND TAKE MARGARET WITH YOU!!! The Real Housewives of New Jersey show will be CIVILIZED AND FUN!!! Boo hoo on Melissa’s daughter going off to college. . . NEWS FLASH MELISSA: WOMEN ACROSS AMERICA HAVE SUCCESSFULLY SEEN THEIR DAUGHTERS OFF TO COLLEGE AND SURVIVE!!! It’s a no brainer. . .that is, unless you did not successfully continue your education OR, Antonia has scholastic aptitude or social problems? THIS IS YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS TIME. . .NOT YOURS. . .GROW UP!!! If it’s not one thing for you it’s another!!! There I said it because everyone else is afraid of unhinged Melissa OR Margaret coming after them!!! PATHETIC!

  4. Team Gorga I liked Teresa in beginning now she is just a bully who thinks show all about her and any one not kissing up to her has to go

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