‘Teen Mom:’ Briana DeJesus Rushes Daughter Stella, 5, To Hospital

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Scary news for fans of MTV’s Teen Mom as Briana DeJesus kicked off the week by rushing her daughter Stella, who is only five, to the hospital. What happened to her daughter Stella that resulted in a rushed trip to the emergency room and is she alright? Keep reading for the details the MTV personality shared on her Instagram Stories in the past 24 hours.

Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus Rushes Daughter Stella, 5, To Hospital

The Teen Mom star shared a photo of her “baby cakes” resting on a hospital bed while wearing a yellow hospital gown. Fans of the MTV star found the picture both concerning and comforting at the same time. Naturally, fans were deeply concerned to learn Stella had been rushed to the hospital. They, however, took comfort in the smile on Stella’s face because it told them the brave little girl wasn’t too scared of her current situation.

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Briana also shared a photo of her daughter sitting in a chair in a hospital room licking an orange popsicle. She added a caption questioning if a parent could really consider it to be summer if they didn’t end up in the emergency room with at least one of their children. The MTV personality, however, was relieved to tell her followers that her daughter was FINE and that was all that mattered.

Turns out, Briana DeJesus became deeply concerned for her daughter Stella when her face began to puff and swell up. Fearing she was having some sort of extreme allergic reaction to something, Briana was quick to rush her daughter to the hospital for some help.

In one concerning photo she shared, fans could see Stella’s face was so swollen on one side that one of her eyes was nearly swollen shut. So, fans certainly understood Briana’s concern and her decision to rush her daughter to the nearest hospital.

Briana DeJsus Instagram

She Didn’t Share What Happened

Unfortunately for fans hoping for a little more information, Briana did confirm her daughter was alright, but she did not share any details on what happened. So, fans really aren’t sure what caused the young child’s face to swell up. They, however, are happy to know she is alright after such a scary situation.

Are you relieved to know Briana DeJesus’ daughter Stella is alright after being rushed to the hospital? Let us know and keep coming back for the latest Teen Mom news.

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