‘SW’ Fans Probe Gwendlyn For Truth On Christine Brown’s New Ink

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Sister Wives fans are probing Gwendlyn Brown for the truth about her mother, Christine Brown’s new ink. Recently, Christine showed off what appeared to be a tattoo while wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. Immediately, fans were curious as to when she got this and if it was real. More so, they wanted to know the significance of the tattoo. So, did Gwen spill the beans? Read on for more details.

SW Fans Probe Gwendlyn For Truth On Christine Brown’s New Ink

Christine Brown was always quite conservative when she was married to Kody Brown. Yet, she was also always fun, spontaneous, and full of life. Now that she is away from the plural family, she has this new sense of freedom that she is showing off. She has also found love with David Woolley who she is preparing to marry. With that, she has seemingly added something new to her life- a tattoo. Her daughter, Ysabel has one and other Brown children have them but none of the parents. So, why did she do it, is it real, and what does it mean?

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Fans immediately went to Christine Brown’s daughter, Gwendlyn to see if she would spill the tea. She is pretty open about everything so they hoped she would have no problem talking about this. A Reddit thread was started to discuss the tattoo and if Gwen was open to discussing it. The OP wrote: “I need some answers about Christine’s tattoo. Is it real? What is it? When did she get it. I need all the information. Gwen, if you are here…. (we know you are and love you for it)… spill your beans! Pleeeeeease! I gotta know.”

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Other Redditors noted that they had asked this question on Gwendlyn’s Patreon and were waiting for an answer. Some suggested just subscribing to it and maybe she would simply discuss it. One suggested that it was most likely a temporary tattoo while another said it reminded them of 90 Day Fiance star, Debbie Johnson. Most of the Redditors seemed to hope that it was fake for some reason.

The Answer Is…

Ultimately, fans are hoping that Gwendlyn Brown will answer the question about Christine Brown’s new ink. They do think and hope that it is fake but only time will tell. It would not be unfounded if she did get a tattoo as she was supportive of Ysabel getting one over her scoliosis scar. This would just be one more way of distancing herself from Kody.

Do you think that Christine’s tattoo is real or fake? More so, do you think that Gwen will answer the truth behind it? Let us know in the comments below.


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