Does Paedon Brown Dislike David Woolley?

Paedon Brown and Christine Brown from Paedon's Instagram page and Christine Brown and David Woolley from David's Instagram page Sister Wives, TLC

Is Paedon Brown butting heads with his stepfather-to-be?

It’s not at all uncommon for children to react poorly when their parents split up and remarry. However, Paedon Brown is in his 20s now.

Over the years, the former Sister Wives star has prioritized his mother’s happiness above all else. But many viewers aren’t entirely convinced that Paedon gets along with her fiance.

So what is the current status of Padeon Brown’s relationship with David Woolley? Keep reading to see what fans are saying online.

Paedon Brown notoriously has beef with many family members

Sister Wives followers know that Paedon Brown has issues with many members of the family. Both Leon and Gwendlyn Brown have admitted they no longer keep in contact with Paedon over his beliefs and behavior. These days, the TLC star really only seems close to Janelle’s children.

But is it possible that he and his mother’s new fiance aren’t getting along either? Redditors recently discussed the topic on the platform.

Paedon Brown and several members of the family, from Paedon's Instagram page Sister Wives, TLC
Paedon Brown/Instagram

“[Paedon]’s Dislike of David,” the original Redditor titled their post. “Can someone tell me what caused Paedon to dislike David? Does Paedon still dislike David? Christine and David have been together since January? Does Christine’s other kids and Janelle’s kids support her and David or is it just Paedon against it?”

He said he likes him, he just doesn’t see them being particularly close. And I think that rings true for a lot of step-parents of adult kids. You get along, but you e already been RAISED. You know?” another Reddit user suggested. Others echoed similar sentiments. 

At this point in his life, it seems like Paedon thinks of David more as simply Christine’s husband instead of a new parental figure.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from David's Instagram page Sister Wives, TLC
David Woolley/Instagram

At the end of the day, Paedon Brown and David Woolley don’t necessarily seem to be on bad terms. They just likely won’t have a typical father/son relationship.

Will Christine’s son be at her upcoming wedding?

Rumor has it that Christine and David will marry sometime this summer. However, fans are incredibly curious about the guest list. Obviously, Christine would love it if all her children would attend and get along. But Paedon and Gwendlyn say they will not be in the same place at once — so what will happen?

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. It’s entirely possible that Paedon and Gwendlyn will put aside their problems for Christine’s sake, but fans will need to wait and see.

Do you think Paedon Brown and David Woolley have a strained relationship? Will Paedon and Gwendlyn both attend the wedding? Share your beliefs in the comments. Follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with the Sister Wives cast and see what happens next.

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