Audrey Roloff Blasted For Bizarre Health Advice

Audrey Roloff - Instagram

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff is being blasted for her bizarre health advice in a recent social media post. She is often promoting her organic, all-natural lifestyle and offering advice to fans. While she receives some positive feedback, other times, fans are simply not impressed. So, what did Audrey share with fans? Keep reading for all of the details.

Audrey Roloff often boasts about her healthy lifestyle.

If you follow Audrey on social media, you’ve probably seen her regular posts about her healthy lifestyle. The mom of three sells Young Living essential oils and prioritizes organic, all-natural foods and vitamins. LPBW fans sometimes call her out for some of the products she promotes and her strange ideas.

Now, Audrey is back to share even more tips for healing.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Audrey Roloff offers tips for healing.

On her Instagram Stories this week, Audrey allowed fans to send in questions and took the time to answer them. One LPBW viewer asked her how she managed to heal her gut. She offered several tips and tricks, which all seemed to cure the gut issues she was experiencing.

Audrey gave credit to everything from “drinking a certain kind of filtered water” to “falling in love.” She even managed to take three months off of school, which allowed her to spend time worshipping and praying.

Below, you can see Audrey Roloff’s post, including her advice.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans blast her for her bizarre health advice.

On RedditLPBW fans and critics are responding to Audrey Roloff’s advice, and many are in disbelief. They find Audrey’s advice unrelatable and out of touch. Here’s what a few Reddit users have said:

  • “She is so off the deep end. Girl changing your jewelry or falling in love or prayer didn’t help you.”
  • “I can pick at least 4 from that list that we can file under ‘pretty positive this wasn’t it.'”
  • “Likely the answer is one of those things to do with diet rather than that list of nonsense.”
  • “Falling in love healed her gut?”

Plenty of other fans and critics are sharing similar comments. So far, Audrey hasn’t responded to the backlash.

So, what do you think of Audrey Roloff’s health advice? Do you agree with the followers who think she is out of touch with reality? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW family.

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