Psychiatric Hold AGAIN For Amanda Bynes Amid Police Detainment

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Sad news for fans of Nickelodeon alum Amanda Bynes as she’s facing another psychiatric hold shortly after being detained by the police. Is the 37-year-old actress alright? What happened to cause her to get detained by police this time? Keep reading for the latest on this surprising situation.

Psychiatric Hold AGAIN For Amanda Bynes Amid Police Detainment

According to TMZ, Amanda Bynes was picked up and detained by the police this past weekend. After reportedly failing a mental health evaluation, the actress was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. As those who have followed her tragic story know, this is the second time she’s been placed under a psychiatric hold this year. Per TMZ, it was Amanda Bynes herself who called 911 and reached out to the police for help this time around.

Sources close to the actress reveal, following her mental health examination, she was determined to be a danger to the safety of both herself and the people around her. Currently, under a mandatory psychiatric hold, Amanda Bynes can be detained for up to 72 hours to protect both her and the people around her. Multiple outlets have reached out to the representative of the actress for a statement on the situation. They have gotten no response.

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She Was Also On Hold In March

A few months ago (in March), Amanda Bynes was discovered in the nude roaming the streets of LA when she flagged down a vehicle and requested help. The actress reportedly told the driver she was “coming down from a psychiatric episode.” It was also reported that the actress may have been roaming the streets in the nude for days before getting any help.

The actress ended up being hospitalized for three weeks following the previous incident. Her ex-fiance reportedly told outlets he suspected Amanda was “off her meds” and that was what caused her episode back in March.


As fans of the actress know, she struggles with bipolar disorder and substance abuse. Likewise, she hasn’t had freedom for very long as her conservatorship (which lasted eight years) didn’t come to an end until March of last year.

Fans of Amanda Bynes are heartbroken as they learn her struggles have continued. They, however, remain hopeful that this young actress can get the help she needs to turn her life around. Are you surprised she has been placed on a psychiatric hold again? Let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments down below.

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