Netflix Makes Decision On Schwarzenegger Spy Series ‘Fubar’ Season 2

Arnold Fubar Netflix - YouTube

The Netflix Arnold Schwarzenegger spy series Fubar is a roller coaster ride that was a top hit for the streamer. But, was it a big enough hit to get renewed for more action and laughs?

In less than a month, this series has been streamed over 219 million hours worldwide.  It has been near or at the top since it was dropped on May 25.

The recent Tudum event over the weekend allowed Netflix to update fans on the future of the series. What did they say?

Did Netflix Renew Fubar For Season 2?

Is Fubar renewed for Season 2? According to Netflix Tudum,  the streamer is going to give fans another season. At the Netflix Tudum event, Arnold Schwarzenegger made the announcement. The Terminator star announced that he will “be back,” in his classic growl.

That means more bellyaching laughs, outrageous adventure, and family drama with a capital D. This series has been a winner with the fans.

But, what could happen next? Please note, there are some spoilers here if you have not seen the first season of Fubar.

Monica - Fubar Netflix - YouTube
Monica – Fubar Netflix – YouTube

Fubar Season 2 Will Have Brunner Family Dealing With ‘A Million Things’

In Fubar Season 2, the Brunner family is going to deal with the fallout from Season 1. Creator Nick Santora revealed that their extended family will have “a million things they’re going to have to deal with.”

In Season 2, we’re going to go in knowing there might be a rat in the kitchen. And what are they going to do about that?

That is not all they will need to deal with.

Travis, Fortune- Fubar- YouTube
Travis, Fortune- Fubar- YouTube

Their Identities Are Exposed Now

A major Fubar Season 2 storyline will have to do with how the agents had their identities exposed. Santora contends, “They’re in deep dog doo-doo, for sure. They’re in trouble.”

Luke (Schwarzenegger), Emma (Monica Barbaro), and the other agents now are in a vulnerable position. In addition, they now know that Tina (Aparna Brielle) was secretly working undercover).

The Brunner extended family members may be in trouble with anyone they have ever dealt with in the past. There is also the possibility that an agent or two could be burned by the CIA.

But, this may not be all the secrets. There seems to be a rat in their midst. They need to uncover who that is. But, how will they hunt down that rat without scaring it away? Netflix fans will have to wait to find out.

Although the current WGA strike means that they will not be filming yet, fans should feel happy that the series is returning, and so will the laughs.

Fubar fans, are you excited for another season on Netflix? What do you like most about this series?  Share your comments below.

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