Brielle Biermann Gets Personal: Makes Big Cosmetic Blunder

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Brielle Biermann is getting personal about having made a big cosmetic blunder. The daughter of RHOA alum Kim Zolciak has been under a microscope as she evolved from tween to full-blown woman. Along with her younger sister, Ariana, the two siblings have been closely picked apart while their looks changed dramatically. Yet, there is one cosmetic mishap that Brielle finally feels comfortable opening up about. What is she sharing? Read on for more details.

Brielle Biermann Gets Personal: Makes Big Cosmetic Blunder

Viewers first met Brielle Biermann when she was just eleven years old and Kim Zolciak’s adorable eldest daughter with dimples. Of course, as the seasons of RHOA went on, she started to grow up. Then, the spin-off, Don’t Be Tardy came along, and with that, so did a more adult Brielle. Her face started to change as did her mother’s. However, they just attributed it to great contouring. Yet, one aspect that could not be hidden was Brielle’s ever-growing lips. Just like Kylie Jenner, Brielle’s lips went from sweet and delicate to pouty and plump.

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Now, Brielle Biermann’s face did change some as she had double jaw surgery in 2021. It was corrective to fix her TMJ and severe overbite so she was willing to do whatever she had to. However, almost two years post-surgery, Brielle is opening up about one situation she may have wished she had not done. She took to Instagram to lay it all on the line. “Bit of a personal post 🙈 All I’m gonna say is if you start to get lip filler… Go to someone who will tell you no 🤦🏼‍♀️,” she started.


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Along with this, Brielle had a side-by-side of her with an overdone pout on the left and then a more natural one on the right. She went on to say: “At that time in my life (on the left) I had too many chefs in the kitchen… I went to too many injectors, none of which would tell me no! I would be injected, get used to the new size of my lips, and then think I needed more 😅 I still love some filler but listen to someone who went through it… Do not get overfilled! 💘”

Fans Clap Back

Of course, fans clapped back at Brielle Biermann. First off, they feel that her mother should have let her know before she went and did this. Secondly, her followers reminded her that they all told her to stop. So, it seems that a lot of people saw her for how beautiful she was and wanted her to leave the fillers alone. Yet, as she mentioned, she felt the need to keep getting more. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson and will start to love herself as is.

Do you think it is admirable that Brielle Biermann is admitting that she did go too far? More so, do you respect that she is saying she will still get fillers but in a mindful manner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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