‘Storage Wars:’ Criminal Charges Pile Up On Jarrod Schulz

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Life hasn’t been kind to Storage Wars alum Jarrod Schulz following his split from Brandi Passante. As those who follow news related to the A&E series know, Jarrod has racked up a pretty extensive rap sheet over the past few years that has even landed him in cuffs and behind bars a few times. Turns out, the criminal charges have piled up pretty high on Jarrod Schulz. But, there has been a bit of an update on how things are going for him legally.

Storage Wars: Criminal Charges Pile Up On Jarrod Schulz

Per Starcasm, a pretty hefty pile of charges has piled up on Jarrod Schulz. For starters, the former A&E star was hit with a charge for resisting an officer regarding an incident from July 2019. In April 2021, he was hit with another charge of domestic violence over an incident involving his former flame, Brandi Passante.

Turns out, he also landed into more hot water toward the end of 2021. Per court records, he was hit with a DUI charge after driving under the influence of alcohol in October 2021.

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According to Starcasm, all of these cases against Brandi Passante’s former lover are still open and now being lumped together into one court proceeding. Lumped into one case, all three of these charges are slated to go before a jury trial on June 20, 2023. The outlet goes on to speculate that Jarrod’s lawyer may be hoping to score a plea deal versus dragging the situation.

Turns out, Jarrod Schulz is no stranger to landing behind bars. Back in 1997, he received a 16-month sentence for felony drug possession. Mugshots of a very young Jarrod sporting a mustache made rounds on social media a while back.

You can click here to see the mugshots.

Will He Return To Storage Wars?

Jarrod Schulz appeared to be promptly booted from Storage Wars following his incident with Brandi Passante and hasn’t been back on the show since. Given his personal issues with Brandi Passante (a cast member fans of Storage Wars love) and his current criminal legal issues, fans have no reason to believe he’ll return to the show.

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Are you surprised things spiraled so far out of control for Jarrod Schulz? Do you think he should do some time behind bars for the pile of criminal charges sitting on top of him right now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on Storage Wars.

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  1. you made it sound as if he was having a run of bad luck. every one of these charges are because of his stupidity. It isn’t bad luck, it’s poor choices.

  2. if he’s guilty then he should do what’s required of him but he should not be allowed to return to the show and reap rewards. Remember it does take 2 to tango.

  3. Why dont he get a JOB. That goes for
    anyone who does crime, dont break laws and you wont go to jail. A job can be rewarding to mind and body.

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