Tom Sandoval Says Romp Sessions With Ariana Lacked Rumbles

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Tom Sandoval is clarifying what he meant by the T-shirt comment in part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Viewers and fans of the show went crazy when intimacy with his now ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix came up. Sandoval proceeded to make a comment about Madix keeping her T-shirt on. This made everyone cringe but now he is trying to justify what he actually meant. Read on for more details.

Tom Sandoval Says Romp Sessions With Ariana Lacked Rumbles

When Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss, one excuse he used was their lack of intimacy. By the time the affair with Leviss was exposed, Sandoval alleged that he and Madix only were intimate around four times a year. This was not the first time that this had been a problem. Back in Season 6, they had gone months without any physicality as Ariana has body issues and did not always feel comfortable in her own skin. When Sandoval was asked if he cheated on Raquel when they were being intimate, he said no.

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That was when Ariana doubled down and reminded him that she and he had been intimate while he was sleeping with Raquel. To that, Tom Sandoval snidely said: “Yeah, she kept her t-shirt on … it was really hot.” That seemed very cold and cruel, clearly a jab at Ariana. Of course, she did not just take it but rather made a shirt out of it for her and Katie Maloney’s upcoming sandwich shop, Something About Her. It has done so well, the ladies actually had to switch vendors for better production. Yet, Sandoval is now trying to clarify what he meant by his comment.

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According to TMZ, it had nothing to do with Ariana Madix, her body, or trying to body shame her whatsoever. Sandoval maintains that it was taken out of context or people added their own context. Rather, he was trying to allude to the fact that she was “unenthusiastic” to be intimate with him. He added that it was almost like a get-it-done situation. So, that is where he stands with the whole T-shirt debacle.

Supportive Crowd

As for Ariana Madix, she got a lot of support from her co-stars after that comment. Lala Kent actually showed up in nothing but a shirt to WWHL after the final part of the reunion aired. She said that there was nothing wrong with just wearing a shirt to bed and RHOC star Tamra Judge agreed. Fans have rallied by buying the Something About Her shirt proving that Tom Sandoval just keeps adding to Ariana’s real worth.

Do you think Tom Sandoval is doing damage control on the T-shirt comment after he came off sounding awful? Let us know in the comments below.


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