TLC Insults Fans With Amber & Trent Johnston’s Recent Dialogue?

TLC - YouTube - Amber and Trent Johnston

TLC fans feel that the network has insulted them with Amber and Trent Johnston’s recent dialogue. Some of the content featured on the show has left viewers unhappy and offended. The most recent episode has sparked a huge conversation online. What is going on? Keep reading for all of the details.

Some 7 Little Johnstons viewers have been annoyed with the show recently.

On social media platforms, like Reddit and Facebook, fans are often discussing the show. Many share their true feelings about the family and their series. While the show certainly still has its loyal supporters, there are plenty of others losing interest. Fans have called the show boring or said they have to fast-forward through Amber and Trent Johnston’s frequent innuendo.

TLC - YouTube - Amber and Trent Johnston
TLC – YouTube – Amber and Trent Johnston

Is TLC insulting fans with Amber & Trent Johnston’s latest dialogue?

On Reddit, 7 Little Johnstons viewers are discussing a scene from the most recent episode of the show. In the latest episode, Trent Johnston had to get a stool sample, per his nutritionist’s request. Amber was a little too involved in the process, fans thought. Additionally, fans felt that this should have been more private than it was.

In one clip, Trent talked about how his wife was coaching him as he went to the bathroom.

In the Reddit post, someone called Amber “insufferable.” Then, they added, “Let a man poop in peace wtaf she’s so controlling.” One fan commented, “I had to FF through this. Why would the producers think this is entertaining?” 

Another 7 Little Johnstons viewer chimed in, “Man they’re hurting for a storyline this season. This scene went on for wayyyy too long.” 

Below, you can see a couple of screenshots from the new episode.

TLC also shared a clip on YouTube, and fans have mixed reactions there too. One fan asked, “Was the camera shot from inside the toilet really necessary?”

TLC - Amber and Trent Johnston
TLC – Amber and Trent Johnston

On social media, fans admitted that this was insulting and a waste of their time. Viewers think there should be different storylines that aren’t so invasive of the family’s privacy. However, plenty of people still seem to be watching the series, and some may have enjoyed this recent episode regardless.

So, do you feel insulted by TLC? How do you feel about Amber and Trent Johnston’s recent dialogue? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the 7 Little Johnstons family.

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