The Real Reason Discovery Canceled ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’

Parker and Todd on Gold Rush: The Dirt / YouTube

The Discovery Channel disappointed Gold Rush fans when it announced the cancelation of Gold Rush: The Dirt. News of the cancelation came when host Christo Doyle posted a series of clips on Instagram and said goodbye. After that, the show’s official Twitter account posted that it was Discovery who made the call and asked fans to get loud.

Now, Christo has revealed the real reason Discovery canceled Gold Rush: The Dirt, and here is what you need to know.

Why did Discovery cancel Gold Rush: The Dirt?

When Christo Doyle posted that Discovery canceled his show, fans came to the comments and let him know how disappointing this was. The show really went behind the scenes of Gold Rush. It explained why some things happened that didn’t seem to make sense on the show. The show also gave fans a look at the men behind the mining teams, with everyone from Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets to Fred Lewis talking about the job.

Christo Doyle on Gold Rush: The Dirt / YouTube

When some fans blamed RawTV for the cancelation, Christo came to the production company’s defense right away. He said that the production company had no hand in the show’s cancelation. When one person asked why the show was canceled since it was so popular, Christo actually answered in the comments. He revealed that “things are shrinking the in cable TV world much faster than expected.” He then said that budgets tightened across the board, saying it was “sad but true.”

These cuts have been happening ever since Discovery purchased Warner Bros and the two companies combined. An entire movie shot for the DCU was shelved forever. Despite Batgirl being shot and finished, the new combined network chose never to release it so it could use it as a tax write-off. The show Gold Rush: White Water was stopped halfway through a season that was already filmed so the network could wait until the new fiscal year to save on taxes. With the new change of HBO Max to Max, things are changing constantly at the company.

What else could be on the line on Discovery?

Christo also said something scary when he was talking about the Gold Rush: The Dirt cancelation. He commented on Facebook that “Discovery is cutting a lot of shows.” This scared many people, who wondered if Gold Rush was next. The good news is that the main Gold Rush show is one of the most-watched shows on Discovery, and Christo said it would continue, “as far as I know.”

Christo Doyle Facebook

The same might not be true for Gold Rush: White Water. With the show getting paused mid-season, it seems Discovery does not consider it a necessary show for the network. With Kayla Johanson quitting the show and Dakota Fred dealing with his terminal cancer diagnosis, Discovery might end that show as well. Fans will likely have to wait to hear the fate of other shows, like Alaskan Bush People.

As for Christo Doyle, he said he has some plans after leaving Gold Rush: The Dirt. In the comments, fans asked what was next for him and he said, “I am developing several new show ideas. Hope to be able to announce one soon.”

What are your thoughts about Discovery Channel canceling Gold Rush: The Dirt? More so, are you disappointed with the decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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