‘Jeopardy!‘ Ken Jennings Puts Mayim Bialik To Shame

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It appears that Ken Jennings has, once again, put Mayim Bialik to shame on Jeopardy! This seems to be a constant theme as fans miss Jennings’ ways and the way he connects with contestants. Not that they dislike Bialik, it is more so that she has some quirks that they cannot get beyond. What is bugging viewers now? Read on for more details.

Jeopardy! Ken Jennings Puts Mayim Bialik To Shame

It is clear that viewers prefer Ken Jennings over Mayim Bialik on Jeopardy! Clearly, no one can ever replace Alex Trebek. Yet, it seems that Jennings has a better demeanor when it comes to handling the contestants. This could be due to the fact that he once was one whereas Bialik is an actress who is extremely educated. Recently, viewers were frustrated at Mayim’s tendency to pause before confirming the correct answer. It was a habit that irked many and seemed quite time-consuming for those watching at home. That made them miss Ken Jennings a lot.

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Now, according to The Sun, she is doing something else that has fans frustrated. Apparently, during the interview segment, Mayim Bialik just rushes through the chats. She does not engage and gives very short and quick responses. One contestant, Neilay Amin chatted about meteor showers with Mayim. “When I was maybe eight or nine my mom woke me up at 2 a.m. to watch one of the meteor showers. It’s something I’ve loved ever since!” Amin recalled. Instead of interacting more, Mayim just said, “Awesome” and moved on.

This caused fans to head to Twitter to express their frustration. One viewer wrote: “My Mayim impression (also a new drinking game): “That’s awesome!”+Laughter.” Another added: “everything’s awesome to mayim.” Others simply wanted to know when Ken Jennings was coming back because they were over Mayim Bialik. More so, some just could no longer tolerate the show with her hosting.

Ditch The Interviews?

Keep in mind that Ken Jennings has said that he does not like the whole interview part of Jeopardy! “Yeah, I never liked that part. It’s a little cringey. And, even if the players tell an amazing anecdote perfectly, I mean, that’s just not the time for it,” he admitted. It comes after the first segment and it is a chance for the contestants to say a little something about themselves. Usually, it is unique and different which should warrant something more than an “awesome.”

Do you think that it is time for Mayim Bialik to step aside and let Ken Jennings host full-time? Or, is it hard because no one can compare to Alex Trebek? Let us know in the comments and watch Jeopardy! nightly.


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  1. I prefer Mayim. I think she is more authentic while Ken comes across as a “know-it-all”. I especially dislike the constant references that everyone prefers Ken. I don’t. I can handle them sharing the hosting role. Stop campaigning for Ken. He makes flubs too. You just don’t highlight them like you do with Mayim. ’nuff said. On with the game. it is just a game, right?

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